Dragon Flame Relay For Life: Our Relay Year

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The Torch Entertainment Guide (AKA The Torch SL Guide) teamed up with Virtual Ryukyu this relay season to create Dragon Flame for Life. Our Motto is:

“We relay by sharing the history for Relay For Life with newcomers to Second Life; By creating events throughout the Relay Season. We welcome all, whether new or old. Together we will fight against this together.”

The Dragon Flame Logo made by Silver Fox Rainbow

Virtual Ryukyu is a sim in Second Life dedicated to Japanese History. It  was built by Second Life residents Silver Fox Rainbow and Inuyasha Meiji and is home to the residents that make up Dragon Flame.

Members & Why We Relay

” I have never done Relay before I relay For Everyone.” LKC Firecat (Member of Virtual Ryukyu, Assistant Builder) 

“I relay because I want more people to have more birthdays. I cannot stand suffering and I don’t want anyone on this planet to suffer. A cure for cancer won’t remove suffering for all, but it will remove the suffering of many and for me, that is a good start.” – Morphman (Assistant Co Captain, Head Scripter)

“I lost my dad to Leukemia only to also lose my mom six months later – and I relay for both of them, and that never to see anyone suffer from cancer” Silverfox Rainbow (Co Captain, Head Builder)

“Mine is because no one should have to suffer a crippling disease that is simply brushed off to a pharmaceutical company. Rather than shove pills down a throat to “cure” We need to find a true cure.” Snowball’ Rainwalker (Member of Virtual Ryukyu Relayer)

“My reason is because my grandad died of lung cancer, and i wish no one to die to the same thing.” Chloe Firecat (Member of Virtual Ryukyu, Assistant Scripter)

” I, Silverflame relay for hope, I relay cause I wish to give hope and remind others that there is a way.. No matter how hard it may seem to be.. I will not stop relaying. There are to many friends and family that are being threaten and since I’m not smart enough to be a doctor I’m smart enough to relay, and offer a part of myself into the world. But I can’t do it alone.. It takes everyone together to show the world. There is a way we can save a life.. We just need hope. I’m glad for my team together we will shine to the world and make a difference.. I relay for hope, and it is super fun!” Silver Flame Mistwalker – ( Member of Virtual Ryukyu, Assistant Builder) 

” I relay to spread knowledge and understanding to those who are afraid of cancer. Relay For Life represents knowledge, we are fighting this disease with our words, our knowledge and our understanding since cancer wins if we say nothing and do nothing. With this I believe that we can win the fight.” Kennie M (Captain)

Our Events Over The 2013 Season

Urban Zombie RFL Poster
In Association with Zombie Shooting sim Urban Zombie We fought Cancer by fighting another Deadly Disease….Zombies
St. paddy's Day
Virtual RyuKyu’s St Paddy’s Day Event.
SF Poster
Virtual Ryukyu Spring Festival had residents hunt for flowers, a fishing contest and an awesome DJ.
RFL Western Event Poster
Our Western Round up saw us join forces with Lighthouse Entertainment, a private dance club in Second Life the event was sponsored by several retail stores such as JensDesigns, and K-Code.
Our 24 Hours Of Music for Relay For Life event. Ran From 12pm PDT – 12pm PDT. 24 hours of music was hosted by Sassy Chassy’s Night Club. The event was sponsored by Isle of Dee, Virtual Ryukyu, Job Source, Ellsmere Designs, Tatt2, K-Code, Extravaganza, and Helping Haven.


The Gallery Of Dragon Flame 


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