Did Someone Say Role Play?

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The year was 2128, fifty seven years after the great flash. The world had long disintegrated into anarchy, trade in human flesh was the currency of the day, untainted and young drew the highest price, second only to drinking water. Technology had been lost, factories long gone and society was dominated by warlords meting out life and death as they saw fit. In the wastelands of Ra new species had evolved, effected by the radiation new mutations had emerged, some lived a life for ill, but not all….

He was close now, the tracks were fresh, he could make out they were tired and she was being dragged by the second of the two men; he was probably at least 6 foot and walked with an uneven gate meaning his weapon was heavy and probably held in his belt. The other was hard to figure but at a guess he was an archer as his tracks were light and showed no evidence of carrying a heavy weapon.

But her tracks were unmistakable and not for the first time he cursed himself under his breath… “:stay on the path” was his mantra but for some reason he had been unable to leave what he saw in the dirt and so he followed knowing now he was close.

As he pulled the  leaves silently apart he could see their makeshift camp, his guesses were right and he said a silent prayer to his old weapons Master. He settled in to wait, he was neko and had patience aplenty. He was certain they had no idea they had been followed as this darkness was his ally, his sight unaffected and his stealth second nature. If action was warranted it would be on his terms and right now, later as they slumbered seemed best……

It was not to be, he grabbed his bow and nocked the first of the two arrows he had laid out in case they were required, it was obvious they were intent on ravishing her and that was not something his stomach could stand. “Hold” he yelled as he stepped into the clearing, startled they looked up, the girl screamed having suddenly found her strength as they released her torn clothes, the archer reached for his bow but it was in vain as his first arrow took him through the neck causing him to fall clutching his throat unable to scream. Calmly he nocked the second and drew a bead on the next and issued a warning “Hold or Die where you stand.” His eyes did not move but he could see that she was drawing her clothes to her body and was slowly crawling away a look of terror in her eyes. As he suspected the second of the two paid little head to the warning, drew his axe and began to move towards him with a frightening speed. Pulling back on the string he loosed the second of his arrows aiming for the bulk of his chest needing to halt his impetus. With surprising agility the brute brought his axe up deflecting the arrow, his charge unchecked a loud bellow bursting from his mouth.

He dropped the bow and slid the knife into his hand anticipating the next move, bringing a new tension into his legs and as the axeman lifted the axe, he sprang running and jumping straight at him bringing the tip of the knife to the axeman’s armpit as they collided sliding it easily in and rolling nimbly away as the axeman fell gurgling as he drowned in his own blood.

Walking to the girl he looked down at her seeing the terror in her eyes…. gently he intoned “girl I came to save you, I’ll not hurt you” and offered her his hand “come, it is not safe here still and it is best we leave”. Gingerly she raised her hand to his feeling his strength and resolve as his hand closed around hers….

Today Steam is wearing:
Goggles – RN: Steamheat goggles, previous hunt gift
Bow – LR Weapons: Bow of Corcyrus, L$2
Outfit – Delirium Style, Streeter, L$325
Boots -Roughnecks, Combat boots, previous hunt gift
Belt – [T.KING]:  Reload belt
Knife – from my avatar library
Ears & tail – Katia Soma:  Black Spike outfit, no longer available
Eyes – Sterling Artistry: September exploration, store gift
Gloves – Hermony: leather gloves, fingerless, L$1
Poses – Photo taken for free at the Free Photography Studio and Mall and edited in GIMP

I pulled quite a few older items from my inventory for this blog so not everything it seems is still available. Where linked the items were available at the time of writing at no cost or the cost indicated , but no warranty is given that they will continue to be so – that is totally at the discretion of the Store Owner/Designer.

Keep having fun.

Words: Steam Engineer
Photography: Steam Engineer

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