Destination – Helping Haven

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Helping Haven
Owner: Lily Swindlehurst/Haven Helpers



Helping Haven Logo at Isle Of Creation in Second Life

I remember being new and I remember all the questions I had about stupid little things I take for granted that everyone should know today. I remember having to ask how to use landmarks, how to get unstuck if stuck in an animation, how to upload pictures or where to go to learn things.

There are many helpful places out there and they can usually be found if you search for them. One such place is Helping Haven. What makes this place so special is that it is a hangout that is made for helping people. Newcomers come there to get help and old-timers come there to help others.

Most helping sims have tutorials for Second Life, but Helping Haven takes it one step further and gives you tutorials on how to use the viewer as well. You will learn how to dance, how to dress, how to change the look on the viewer and a lot of other helpful things. They also hold classes if you want to know things beyond the tutorials. If you don’t want to wait for your answer, you can always ask any of the people that are there, there’s always people nearby eager to help.

They also have a stage with weekly events, such as the upcoming barn dance. At the stage you have convenient information about what you need to think about if you want to become a DJ yourself, so it is worth a checkout just for that. If music isn’t your thing, why not check out the freebie store? Loads of outfits, skins, shapes, accessories and items, all for free. Want to try out building something? They have a sandbox there too, where you can build freely without having to worry about prim limits or such things. Of course, the sandbox is surrounded by tips and tutorials to help you become the next fine builder of Second Life.

Just want to hang out with a friend? There are several games at your disposal, all with guides and rule sheets. Some games are old classics that you know from RL, others are games that have blossomed up in Second Life.

Want to try out the ever popular SL Fishing? There’s an area for that too, and it’s completely free. You can just sit there, let the lure stay in the water and relax. If fishing isn’t your kind of relaxing, right next to it you have the meditation area, both of htem conveniently placed next to the landing area.


update: Pandora Drezelan of the SL Enquirer recently interviewed Lily Swindlehurst, read about it here.

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