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DeSiGneR KiDz by SerenityRose Constantine is a wonderful place to shop. The prices are reasonable and the products are very nice. The majority of the products are kids’ apparel. There is however furniture, toys and avatar appearance items as well.

Designer Kids Entrance

The inworld store has an airy feel to it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a very big selection. Also, the apparel at this location starts at one hundred Lindens.

On the plus side, the items are displayed in a manner that makes them easy to view. The pictures are large and clear. I prefer shopping at the Marketplace store. The selection is much greater. Prices range from as low as one Linden up to five hundred Linden. Many of the apparel items are fifty Linden or less making them affordable (even to newbies with little Lindens).

Designer Kidz Stor

The amazing thing is that although reasonably priced the items are of excellent quality. Whether you like simple jeans outfits or frilly dresses you will find something you like at DeSiGneR KiDz. At least you will if you’re a girl. I have yet to see any boy items here. So, my recommendation girls is to check this store out!

Marketplace location

Inworld location

by KimKa

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