December Trends ~ Part I

December Trends ~ Part I
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This time I will just divert a little from my usual articles. I will send out a few trend setting posts for the month filled with exclusives from different events. You may just flip through the pictures and look for the wardrobe credits to see if you like any.

My Wardrobe Credits:

Head jewelry ~ Yasum *Mesh* Charm Face Jewelry (modify) ~ exclusive at J and A Expo ~ map

Necklace ~ Yasum *Mesh* Charm Body Jewelry (available in 5 standard sizes) ~ exclusive at J and A Expo ~ map

Bracers and Earrings ~ Zuri Rayna Charmille Snow/Gold set (bracelets and necklace is also available) ~ exclusive at Christmas Expo and Winter Breedable Fair, 2014 ~ map

Shoes ~ MY shoes ~ exclusive at J and A Expo ~ map

Outfit ~ Busty Boutique Walburga Grey

My Wardrobe Credits:

Head and chest piece ~ !Lyrical B!zzare templates Thorpe ~ exclusive at J and A Expo ~ map

Shoes ~ VG She Rules Red/snake (available in leopard and tiger print in beige, black, chocolates and red) ~ exclusive at J and A Expo ~ map

Earrings, bracelets, necklace ~ Moondance Rose Jewelry and Nail Set ~ exclusive at J and A Expo ~ map

Bag ~ !Lyrical B!zzare templates ~ Dayo Bag ~ exclusive at J and A Expo ~ map

Outfit ~ !Lyrical B!zzare templates ~ Slightly Mesh templates ~ re textured by 4mE (For me) ~ The store available at !go 99 event

My Wardrobe Credits:

Head piece ~ Jumo ~ Lekkar ~ exclusive at J and A Expo ~ map

Jewelry ~ Jumo ~ Rhodesia Diamond Jewelry set ~ exclusive at J and A Expo ~ map

Pants ~ Meshurection ~ Meshion Fair 2014 (has ended)

Top ~ !Lyrical B!zzare Templates ~ Teen Top

Clutch, Dollars and Sandals ~ Jumo ~ Abyssinian Jaguar ~ exclusive at J and A Expo ~ map

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