Debut Album: Marco Porcelli’s Isdiri Misti Sini

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November is all about being thankful and we are thankful for a new solo album that comes  our way. Italian musician Marco Porcelli aka penti, is also known as the Gardenya and Paiper’s guitarist. He will be releasing his debut solo album Isdiri Misti Sini on November 23rd.

Before working on his solo album, Porcelli collaborated on a MTV Italy project called “Nicola scientist” by Mario Bucci.  On his own musical project and experiences Porcelli comments:

“The Italian movies of the 60’s specifically Fellini and Dino Risi made me burst with a passion for film. The soundtrack to ‘The Million Dollar Hotel’ by Wim Wenders and directed by Bono, gave me the desire to make music to any image or vision. The landscapes are created from reading the science fiction books of Ray Bradbury. This is the best way to describe the components of my musical direction.

His debut album will a journey of 12 tracks inspired by Sigur Ross, with the minimalism of Brian Eno and the added psychedelic feel of Pink Floyd.

Look out for album but while you are waiting, why not check out Gardenya and Paipers?

Here is a sample Marco Porcelli aka Penti’s Isdiri Misti Sini:

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