Dead Man Band – French Kiss

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UK based band Dead Man Band recently released their self-titled EP, Dead Man Band EP. One of the four tracks available is French Kiss and I’ve taken a look at it.

As soon as I turned the song on I got the feeling that Dead Man Band has taken a lot of inspiration from the 70’s and 80’s garage bands, with just a hint of the current Danish rock band Volbeat. I also get a small hint of punk in the attitude of lead singer Dave Kirk.

The EP features Tom Warner on guitar, Joe Thompson on drums and Dave Kirk on the vocals, with former member Sam Taylor on bass and guitars.

The band was founded in 2009 and have since been playing at venues like The Scream Lounge in Croydon and Rattlesnake in Islington. They have described their own music as “Big bass, funking guitar, pounding drums and in-your-face vocals”, something I must agree with.

Listening to Dead Man Band EP, I can’t help but notice the care taken in every beat of the drum, every stroke of the strings and every word sung. This isn’t some youth centre band, the quality is right up there with the big name bands such as Gasoline, AC/DC and Clutch.

French Kiss is about a party fella that wants more of what he experienced with the person this is sung to. It’s as if nothing else matters as long as he gets to be near this person again, he’d do anything to get that feeling again. The tone is upbeat and happy, in a sortof mellow way. It is hard to describe, but I get the feeling I want to both bounce around the room and a feeling of longing at the same time when hearing this song. Very much like the singers words goes, I want to bounce off the walls, and I want it all, and I want it now.

I’m giving French Kiss 10/10, a recommended buy.

If you are interested in Dead Man Band, you can find them on Facebook and you can buy Dead Man Band EP on Bandcamp for whatever price you think it’s worth (you can listen to the songs before you buy to see if you like it) and it is available in MP3, FLAC and a number of other formats.

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