Dark Maze

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Dark Maze

Game type: Puzzle Game


Help a little flame make it through a dark maze to another flame. Collecting Crystals and avoiding moving objects.

How to play:

Using your mouse make your way through a dark maze to another light source. Collect crystals to use in the in game store to buy power ups to help you survive the maze.


The Dark, the walls, water, moving objects. You will need to do everything to keep that little flame alive.

What I noticed first and foremost about this game is the atmosphere it creates. It has an amazing atmosphere. Every sound plays part in the game, from the pulses of the flame to the dripping of water, to the background music. Everything perfectly sets up the mood of the game.

The next thing I noticed was the game play, it is very very smooth, and it has to be because you have to be fast and have a steady hand to moved around the maze.

The ‘flame’ character interacts with you through notes which appears at the bottom left hand side of the screen. It is small enough to not interrupt game play but big enough to be noticed. This game is worth checking out, I will not spoil of the for you, like in the game, you must go in alone.

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