Dark Future Hunt – Review

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The first of May saw the coming of Bad Juju’s Dark Future Hunt. This hunt followed a virtual look at an apocalyptic future. A kind of, what is Second Life was hit by a nuke war. Featuring stores such as +DV8+, }Edge of Sanity{  and the

A group of Creepy Clowns greets you at Delaney's Delirium

NSA Hunt’s Filthy Things. Unlike the +DV8+ ‘s Twisted Hunt, The Torch SLG was able to finish this one in about two


It was interesting, and fun, some stores were easier than others, others used the ‘No Rules’ rule to max. There were one or two locations in the hunt that had us scratching our heads, for example Delaney’s Delirium was not only a creatively made store but their hint took the hunt to a whole new level, it was plain and simply very very clever. You had to pay close attention to your surrounds ( or wade through the decoys in a black and neon store).

The amazing thing about the Dark Future Hunt were the gifts that you find during the hunt. So the Torch SLG will be showing you our favourite gifts from the hunt.

1. BCB Dark Future Hunt Female #20

Lookin' sexy while keeping the toxic fumes out

2. +++BB+++ Murderella (Lite Version) #5 w/ Indigo Oddites #24

Out for a walk in a sexy latex & red mask

3. ^Re.Birth^ #30 Best Outfit Ever!

My dream has come true, I always wanted to be Tank Girl!

4. #32 Les Scureries De Fairy

Don't have a place to stay? Try the naughty box ^_^

5.  #34 Repulse (complete with ‘infected’ tattoo), #39 + Little Bat + (complete with shape and skin) # 40 {Gaea Designs} (barcode tattoo) 

I've been infected, but don't worry I have the cure.

6.  # 49 Lushish Catz & # 52 Wicked Sexy Cycles 

In sexy outfit on a hot bike going for a ride through the waste lands.

There are more amazing gifts available to everyone who takes part in the hunt. If you’re interested in the twisted look at a Dark Future, if your interested in video games like Fall Out 3, movies like Tank Girl and Book of Eli, you will love the Dark Future Hunt!

by Izzie Morgan

photographs by June Carlson 

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