Dark Future Hunt – Interview with Juju Neximus

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Here’s one of the articles that slipped through the cracks somewhere. You may blame Jr. Editor Morphman for this one!

In hte light of the Dark Future Hunt in May, we had an interview with the creator of the hunt, Juju Neximus. It was meant to be released in the review article, but you get it as  a bonus today instead.

Juju Neximus

What is your role in the Dark Future Hunt?
I dreamed it up and made it come true. I have a few friends I had jump in with some of the work,
from the hud to the blog. But mostly it’s my brain child.

How long did you have to prepare for this hunt?
About a month and a half from the time I dreamed it up to the start date.

Is this your first time or have you done this before?
It is my first time organizing a hunt, and the first dark future hunt. But I am good friends with
the Twisted Hunt creator and have helped her in the past with store checking and the like, so I
kinda knew what to do, organization wise, because of that help.

 Who came up with the HUD idea? I’ve never seen it done that way before.
Well I did. I actualy saw a script for a landmark hud, and it made me jump around and exclaim,
that’s how I can do this hunt! I was already kicking the idea around, but there were a few things
organization wise I always considered nightmares, and constantly changing landmarks and relying on
the store before to set that up was a logistical nightmare.
My partner is an amazing scripter and he offered to make his own script for it.

Did you find any part of the organisation challenging? Were there any problems?
Umm checking stores, I should have done that a little sooner. A couple had no sign out and I was
rushing to contact them at the last minute before it all started, to get everything set up.

Where did you get the idea for this hunt?
Well I am a huge geek, I love all sorts of futuristic genre movies, shows, even love the table top
Rifts RPG by Palladium. From the art to the storie lines, a future not as bright, a fallen society,
trying to survive and be what they once were, it all fascinantes me.

Tell us a bit about your store, Juju.
I started creating things and passing them around to friends, to the point that they said I needed
a warning label of,”May cause your inventory to explode!” Finaly I started geting good at it and
they started telling me I needed a store. I still kinda have that mentality, making pretty things
for my friends, and I try to keep my prices lows and make things I know I would love to wear.

What has your main inspiration been when designing your items?
Mostly my RL intrests, which are soo varried. I love fantasy, sci-fi, horror, goth, and just soo
many other things. I see sculpts or things IRL that just kinda make me go ,”Oh that will make an
awsome ….”
I adore the art of Brom and Boris valejo and draw alot of ideas from them as well as mythology

Are building and selling the only things you do?
I captain a roller derby team for+DV8+ called the Dreadnaughts, I host, I run around and play all
over the grid, I RP in Toxia when I find time. And I have been known to run a mean table top DND
game here in SL.
I made a table with all the dice needed and links to the online 3.5 edition books. I made it for
the Geekgasm hunt a while back, and it has been a great sorce of fun!

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