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This is a new category on the Torch, called Culture in Second Life, where we will show the different cultures of Second Life. First out is the japanese culture, possibly one of the largest ones in SL. We went to Shuri Castle Gardens, wich can be found in Butler, just across the lake from the Shelter.

This series of articles will be given to you in the form of photographs of the locations, rather than words, so without further delay, here’s Shuri Castle Gardens, built and run by InuYasha and Silverfox.


We began the tour in Shuri Castle itself

At the visitors throne, InuYasha and Silverfox told us the story of the sim (and they love to tell that story)

After going through a secret door and up the stairs, we found the private throne room

We got a ride with a boat over the sea...

..and avoided the shark

Up the stairs and through the gate

Over the bridge

A quick prayer and an offering at the stone

Then off to the village

Where Silver's and InuYasha's humble home lies

Back over the sea

Stopping at the beach for a homemade snack

Where InuYasha performed his songs

Then off to the Dojo where...

Silver and InuYasha fought over who should do the dishes

We sat outside the dojo to watch the fireworks

Before we went to the Koi pond (where Morph couldn't resist dive bombing)

A well-earned rest after a long day, fishing in the pond (you can fish in all waters on this sim)

The background to this sim is that InuYasha loved to watch anime series, particularly the show named InuYasha, and he quickly discovered that the things that was featured in that show was actually things taken from reality and from ryukyu (the region where Okinawa lies today) myths. He met Silverfox in Second Life and they quickly became friends. They both have lived a troubled life with InuYasha being disabled, and found comfort in building and investigating ryukyu lore. They decided to build the Shuri Castle and other places inspired by that lore. Most of it was lost in WW2, but they have dug up a lot of the information and photographs that has survived.

The music in the castle itself is actually recordings of newly found musical notes played on the instruments they were intended for, that was presumed lost over 500 years ago.

Everyone is welcome here, not only role players and there’s no such thing as dress code, thou the sim is often used by role players. InuYasha told about one day when he entered the throne room in the castle and found 10-15 role players in full ryukyu outfits recreating a scene from the old kingdom.

The RL castle (of wich this is an exact recreation of) has been destroyed several times, but it has always been rebuilt.

Every SL night there’s 5 minutes of fireworks going off once every hour.

Article by: Morphman

Photos by: Morphman

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