Come Party at VL’s Club Capital

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Club Capital is one of many clubs within Virtual London, is one of the most popular for VL’s regulars. It is

London's sake

the sister club of London’s Mayhem Rock Club and 5th Avenue Lounge focusing on the current top 40 music of today. Along with Mayhem and 5th Svenue, Capital was created by Jessii2009 Warholl, who is also the  Entertainment Leader for London, who is in charge of overseeing London’s Clubs and Pubs as well as planning the events that happen with London.

“I first saw London when I stumbled into Hype Park in 2010, later I became a tenant in Mayfair then moved to Kensington. London was in Transition last September and October and Debs, the owner of the London sims, was rebuilding the team when Rob Fenwitch who is now the manager of virtual London, put my name forth to help out.  I saw that London needed a top 40’s/dance music club and decided to create Capital.  London had a club named Mayhem when I first came, but it wasnt really open and it wasnt a rock club. I thought London needed a 100% rock club and decided to open up the new Mayhem on the spot of the old one.”

Club Capital's sisters

Jessii gave an insight into the other Clubs she owns within the Sim, “Mayhem’s name comes from Mayfair, that’s what I was told,lol. 5th Avenue was my first club ever in SL, I created it back in 2010 last summer. the name comes from my love of NYC and I moved it to London a couple of months ago, as a nighttime club. the music is top 40s, pop, etc.”

What does Club Capital Offer the residents of London and Second

The Entrance to Club Capital

Life? A fun and happy atmosphere, it’s no drama, that’s my motto in all the clubs, a place where someone can dance, have fun, and listen to music. At every single set there is a 700L$ contest at least, a host greeting you, and a dj taking requests. We guarantee that as minimum at Capital, which is important that residents can request their songs, hear a dj on mic, and have a place that’s friendly.

Does Club Capital have any newbie friendly features?

Capital is open to anyone, newbies, old, young. We often help newbies, we try to keep contests easy like best in colors or clothing and we help point newbies to our freebie shops if they do not have items.  We also help them to dance, many have no idea how to do that and we explain contests. The hosts will normally respond to questions via IM if a person asks. We also help other organizations in SL when we open our doors. to them. It allows new residents to see what they and what London offers.

A lot of newbies are asking about jobs lately as a way of earning Linden, does Club Capital or any of your clubs, offer jobs to newbies or do they have to be a certain age or have experience to apply and join your staff?

We do not have a current age but we do encourage they are willing to be trained. For DJs we do ask that you have at least DJed at 2 other places and to be at least 30 days old. Of course with new residents hosting may be daunting because it’s a heavy customer service job. They have to know how to send tags, gesture, work a contest board, but we train them to do all that and I will have a host manager with them after they finish training.

Come party with Club Capital

Do you have anything special coming up? Events, concerts and how can a resident join your group?

Yes we have plenty of events. Every day we have club events from 10 am until 8pm, we have an entertainment blog, last weekend we had the NRRA Exhibition and Tribute Concert and we are nearing the end of our Spring Break in London event. We have group joiners in our sims that will invite new residents to London Gossip which is our newest group to find out about our events.

For more Information on Virtual London check out the check out the main London Blog and the about events and concerts visit  The Entertainment blog and don’t forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Images & Words by Izzie Morgan

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