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A new club is out in Second Life, Club InFuZion owned by  Fox Daviau and has been opened for 3 weeks. Now managed by Form Club FreQ Owner Starry Sparkle:

InFuzion Logo
InFuzion: Hot new Club in Second Life.

” Infuzion is a place where we all can get together, joke around, play games, and have good conversation. Also we are very welcoming, to not just nekos but everyone who walks into the club. A lot have asked if just nekos are allowed to work here, but I always let them know that ANYONE is allowed to work here with experience.

I also keep an open mind to the fact that everyone has to start some where, and If I have the time to train some one I will. For example Isabell Starfall is a host here, and has never worked before. She is now employee of the week this week. Because she has offered so much help, and always is on time, she proves she loves working with us, and joining us when she’s not working.”

— Starry Sparkle

Club InFuZion have an array of activities to make your entertained and coming back for more. From ‘Best in’ contests to trivia balls and sploders that go up 2k L$ (Lindens). They even provide private parties such as engagement parties to birthday parties and will provide the DJ and Decorations.

To check out Club InFuZion 

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