Club Industry – Industrial goth club and mall

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Club Industrial

Owner: Aaron Connell & Osiloa Jorgensen

If you like hard pumping german industrial, dark settings and dystopian settings, then look no further than Club Industrial.

This place is like it’s taken directly from Johny Mnemonic, with it’s gigantic stage, full of wires, lights and other whatshamacallits thrown together, it’s hangaresque dancefloor and the heavy industrial looks. It does help that the people are all dressed in gothic clothing and gear too.

The floor is always filled with party-hungry people and there’s lots of dance choices for those of you that don’t have your own dances. There’s always at least one DJ on the stage, along with at least one host and 2 dancers, with a layout that makes it easy to see who is who without getting the feeling that they’re sepparated from the rest of you. The club has built in tipjars, in the form of oildrums, clearly labeled and put next to each dancer/host/DJ, without breaking the aestethics of the room. Even thou the song ticker board is the same one every club out there uses, it’s positioned and accessorized in such a way that it fits with the rest of the room. In fact, it took me three visits to even notice it, that’s how good it fits with the rest of the stage. Don’t worry if this happens to you, thou, because everyone here is friendly enough to answer your every question, no matter how silly you feel for asking it.

To the right of the stage there’s a coffee machine with a newbdoll (an object in the shape of a new resident) haning out. Next to him is a door that takes you to the Machine Room, another part of Club Industry, with the same visual style, but in this stage they play all the music not allowed in the main club. It is also used as a hangout, with places to sit and even a small bar by the side. Be careful when you exit this room, because there is two doors. One will lead you back to the main club, the other to the adjacant swamp. Don’t get me wrong, this swamp is beautiful, but it might be confusing if you haven’t scouted the area before.

The mall to the left of the main club stage, you’ll find the huge 2-floor mall, filled to the max with gothic and neko friendly gear, clothes and accessories. The layout is like the rest of the club, dystopian and futuristic. Don’t worry, even if it’s in another region to reduce lag, you’ll still hear the music pumping from the main club.

Facilities: Main and sub rooms, sploder in the main room, lots of dances, crew board for easy contact, mall

Newbie Friendliness: 8 (Lots of helpfull people, little you need to know, but the gear most visitors have is quite expensive, thou it’s not a requirement)

Lag: 3-4 (a little lag now and then, mostly depending on number of visitors, as expected in any club)

Music: Heavy industrial in main room, prog, indie, rock and other styles in the subroom

Personal rating: 8 (I think this is one of the best gothic clubs I’ve seen so far)

Written by: Morphman

Images by: Morphman

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