Club FreQ’s Grand Opening Event

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Club FreQ had it’s grand opening on March 11th and the torch was there.

As if it wasn’t enough with many DJ’s spinning their discs, just as many hosts making sure we had the greatest of times and twice as many dancers to keep us entertained, they also activated the contest board. This club isn’t kidding, they started with 1000L$ on the board and the contest was “Best in whoever shows up”, also known as “Come as you are”. The price quickly rose and before we had to leave the party it was up to 2000L$.

We had both owners, Starry and DJ Release, in the office for a quick interview. After sorting out some technical issues, we were off chatting about the sky, the earth and everything in between.

What are Club Freq’s aims? Starry and DJ Release

DJ: We’re both DJ’s in real life and we want to give that back to the people who visits.
The goal right now is just to give pople a place to have a great time.
Having a place where they can all get together and just enjoy the music withou having to worry aobut this or that or people just talking smack.

Do you have any events that are aimed at Newcomers?

Starry; As far as that goes *giggle* We try to aim our events at everyone, so we try to make it newcomer friendly.

DJ: I wouldn’t mind to DJ for newcomer events, but we have had two hectic weeks now so we just aimed it at everyone.

Do you have any opportunties that are aimed at newbies?

Both: Dancers!

Starry: We also have makeovers for the dancers, for free, to make them feel less like newbs.

DJ: We had one that looked like a newb, and you managed to make him over pretty well *looks at Starry* but unfortunatley we had to let him go.

Best thing about your  job?

DJ: The best thing for me is mainly the club and it’s kinda like a SL for SL, a world away from the rest of the world. It’s a place where I can go and mix or do what I want to do. Nobody can tell me what to do, because it’s our club. We can do whatever we want and people still shows up.

Starry: I can make my dreams come true, in terms of hosting. I can create my visions and see them happen. It’s a way for me to see what I’ve accomplished.

What kind of music do you play? Are you varied or are you just one type of genre?

Starry: top40 and any kind of club music

DJ: We play anything except for country, rock and classical

Starry: Well, we have a bit of rock in it

DJ: Yeah, but any kind of electronic music, but we try to keep from the downers, the drama kind of music. I want a place where people can turn up the volume and just kick off and dance in RL.

Where you nervous about your opening night?

DJ: I was fine, but this one *points to Starry* couldn’t have enough clones to deal with all the nerves.

Starry: The opening night was a mess. We lost staff, people didn’t show up and schedules wasn’t held as they should have.

DJ: The stress was so fierce for her that we got into a RL fight, she was stressed and I tried to calm her down. There was a moment where she was sobbing RL and then she went on mic and sounded all cheerfull and smiling, but she was really stressed out. We learned a lot thou and are now a lot more organized.

Photos by: Morphman

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