Club Freq – NOW HIRING!

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This is where YOU could be working soon!

Club Freq the newest and hottest dance club in Second Life is looking for hosts and dancers. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to dance the night away to some awesome tunes, with some of the greatest DJs in SL and make great tips while doing, just head down to Club Freq!

With the great attention they’ve been given lately, this is sure to be the hottest dance/hiphop/street club in SL and now YOU get a chance to be a part of it.

Info about the jobs:

Dancer: You are shaking booty to the awesome tunes, bringing a smile to the guests faces and socializing with everyone.

Host/hostess: You’re the one bringing people in and making sure they enjoy their visit. You will send out notices to the VIP group, chat with everyone and in cooperation with the dancers and DJ try to give everyone the time of their lives, keeping the club drama free.

The reason we put THIS ad on the Torch is because club FreQ is so newbie friendly, they won’t ask for your age and they will give you all training you need for the job. So what are you waiting for? Get down to Club FreQ and get your application today!


Club FreQ does not exist in Second Life any more. 

One thought on “Club Freq – NOW HIRING!

  1. Being a DJ myself and I am constantly astounded as what can be dished up as professional DJ work. I recently attended a corporate event and not only was the pimply head kid off his chops he was abusive and did not listen to any requests (not until security removed him) I honestly believe everyone in the room was offended. Sorry think I just had a rant! Nothing to do with whats happening here. Thanks for your thoughts

    DJ’s Melbourne

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