Christmas Week – Raid the Marketplace: 20 Things I Want For Christmas

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It’s almost Christmas time and everyone is looking around for that perfect gift. The Marketplace is one place where you can find, the perfect Christmas gift for everyone in your SL family and friends. This is a list Marketplace Christmas list of 20 things I would love to get for Christmas, maybe some of them would give you some idea of what to get for your Christmas List.  


1. JCNY Collection – 10L$ Lotus Ring
2. $$- NyTro – $$ – Anything
3. [Simple Things] – Anything
4. F I A S C A &Co. – Anything
5. b.nut – Anything
6. Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry – Diamond Elegance Choker
7. CFD Sculpt Pack 240 Full Premission Furniture Prefab Sculpty Collection
8. CS Design Store – Anything
9. HOC Industries – Anything
10. Mandela – Milky Way Nails and Ring
11. Tennis Shoes
13. [Pixels] – Anything
14. ..:::Beautiful Dirty Rich::.. Sexy Neko Style *Hair Salon* – Anything
15. Wing Factory Segway
16. The Beachstore – Anything
17. Emma’s @ Blue Moose – Emma’s Shoulder Snowman
18. Serenity Style –  Serenity Sweet Christmas Bear
19. Jenni Eros – Anything
20. Soul Sick – Anything

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