Christmas music, for goodness sake – Minecraft Christmas by Area11

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Area11, the band behind the popular Minecraft team Yogscasts theme song, have once again joined forces with Simon, Lewis and the rest of the gang to produce a Chrismas #1 Single… for charity.

During Yogscasts Honey Drive, where all of Yogscast and their friends comes together for all of December to live stream daily and collect donations for the charity projects Plan Bee and 365 Emergency Fund, Area11 and Simon made this single and put on iTunes. The goal is to get it to the #1 spot on the iTunes sales list for December, and all the money goes to the Honey Drive. At the moment of writing, two days after the release of Minecraft Chrismas, it has reached #57 (out of the roughly 50 000 000 songs currently on iTunes), so they are well on their way.

Plan Bee is one of Oxfam’s projects for providing training, workshops and equipment for new beekeping farmers in Etiopia to give the country new sources of jobs and incomes. Honey Drive’s goal for Plan Bee is £10 000, which is what is needed to make this a reality.

365 Emergency Fund is another one of Oxfam’s projects, this is a fund for help during emergency situations worldwide. 365 Emergency Fund is helping on up to 25 locations worldwide at any given time, so they will need continuous funding and a lot of it to be able to help. All money past the initial £10 000 will go to this.

At the moment of writing, Honey Drive have collected over £130 000, which is an astounding number.

You can help out and get amazing rewards, for under a pound you can get Minecraft Christmas right down to your computer, music player or mobile device through iTunes, or you can donate directly on the Honey Drive donation page, where you get the option to send a public message that will be broadcasted both on the donation page and on the live stream, this is your opportunity to ask the Yogscast any question or give them any requests you might have, they usually answers if it’s within reasonable bounds. This is how much of the highlights that can be seen on their youtube page have come to life.

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