Christmas in Elizabeth Town

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Last year we wrote about Summer Town USA for 4th of July. Laura Liberty, the woman behind Elizabeth Town, the sim where this was set up, has done a Christmas themed town called Christmas Town.

Here you can take a stroll down the road lined with happy lights and the everfalling snow and peek into the shops. As always with Elizabeth Town, you will find a wide variety of shops filling all your shopping needs. There’s everything from Food & Drinks to furnitures to clothes and even complete Christmas Avatars. It ranges from nice to naughty to scary to sweet.

The big difference between Christmas Town and most other shopping areas is that this town doesn’t divide the shops between the brands, but instead have each of the 12 shops represent a different style or need and mix the brands within these shops. This almost guarantees that you will find something in your pricerange in any of the shops and you can quickly and easily find what you need.

The shops are:

Christmas Kids with all the kids needs to have a merry Chrismas

Christmas Gifts for Townies where you get free Christmas gifts if you join Elizabeth Towns Townie group

New Years with all you need to cheer in the new year

Dark Christmas if you’re more into Santa Claws than Santa Claus

Christmas Snow that has everything you need for your snowy lawn

Christmas Gifts where everything is transferable so you can give it away, has a newsletter joiner that offers free gifts too

Christmas Fun for all those hot-chocolate-in-hand-moments with your loved ones

Full Perm has textures, decorations, items and building supplies with full perms, meaning you can edit them however you like and use in your buildings or give away

Christmas Clothes & Costumes has everything you need to look festive and proper on the Christmas party

Christmas Food & Drinks has all the food you need for that wonderful Christmas dinner and also the tables to put them on and chairs for your guests

Christmas Decorations with everything for the tree, lawn and house to look festive

Christmas Home & Garden for the warm moments inside or outside your house.

There’s so much more than shopping to find here, there’s freebies in every corner and a lot of things to explore, the shops only cover half of the sim. The Ice Castle you see in the cover picture holds many nice surprises, and I’m not going to spoil any of them, so come over to Christmas Town and bring your friends for the wintery time of your life.

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