Christmas Apps Part 2 – Christmas Shopping

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Sometimes, simple is best. If you, like me, have a hard time with both budget and memory, you too might find it hard to remember all those great gift ideas you had just  few hours ago. You can’t always keep a pad with you and voice notes and other note apps get messy quickly. Here are the Android apps that will help you through the Christmas shopping stress.

Christmas Gift Listfree

Christmas Gift List lets you create a list of everyone you need to buy gifts for and set a budget for each person, so you can easily see who you need to buy a gift to and how much you can spend.

You can also make a note of every gift idea you have for every person on your list, complete with the price and a note (if you wanna remember where to buy it or something similar) and the app will let you know how much you have left on the budget for that person. When you have bought a gift, you can quickly mark that gift off in the list and the app will keep track and quickly let you know who gets what, how much it cost and if you have any other gifts to buy for each person on your list.Christmas Gift List comes with options for password protection in case you want to keep your list a secret, automatic timeout that will close the app if you have accidentally left the phone with the app open and the choice of currency between USD, GBP, Euro and Yen.

Christmas Wishlistfree

You’re at the store, shopping for your family and friends or just looking around and you find that thing you’ve wanted for so long. It’s almost Christmas, so you’re thinking “I’ll wish for that instead”, sigh in anticipation and walk out. You take the bus home, open the door, the phone rings… It’s your mother, she wants to know what you wish for… Your mind goes blank!

This is the problem many have during the holidays. We all say “Oh, I don’t wish for anything”, but truth is all of us do, many just can’t remember it. That’s where Christmas Wishlist comes in handy. With this very smart app you can quickly sort your own wishlist and watch other peoples wishlists. Christmas Wishlist has an archive of thousands of items from razors to phones, to computers, to tickets and it lets you search for what you want and add it to your list. If you’re in a store and see something you want, it also has a built in barcode scanner that uses the camera to scan the item, search for it and add to your wishlist.

When you’re done, or periodically as the time comes closer, you may share your list with others via bluetooth, chat apps, social apps or just about any app that allows for sharing through the Android Sharing option. Comes with a wide range of country and language settings.

Gift Suggester Lite free

The last piece of the puzzle is to find out what to give to someone else. Gift Suggester uses a set of 30 questions about the person to find out what that person might like and gives you 5 suggestions. If you want, you can take your chances and check the answer before the 30 questions are up, but the less questions answered, the less the chances that you’ll find the right gift.

I was skeptic about this at first, thinking generic questions as these could never give the right answer, so I tried with first myself then someone close to me that I know what they like. Both hit right on with suggestion number 1. This app won’t give you the favorite gift of this Christmas, but it won’t let you down when it comes to gifts the person will like.

With these three apps, you will have Christmas sorted with time to spare for the egg nog!

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