Charity in Second Life: War Child

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War child is an international non-profit organisation that gives aid to children and families of children that have been torn a part by war. With projects in Uganda, Ethiopia, Conga Afghanistan and Haiti.

Hiawatha Runningbear

In SecondLife War is a part of West Ireland, an Art Gallery that is managed by Hiawatha Runningbear, who has been a part of War Child Since April 2010. In an interview with the Torch SL Guide, Hiawatha states, “ We help War Child by scheduling event happen 7 days a week which consists of live music, DJ Session,  and Art Reception. We convert the Lindens paid as donations as well as rents from our stores and give them to War Child. “

According to Hiawatha who also own two art stores, says “It is important to help raise money and awareness for organisations such as War Child because those who decide to start a war don’t seem to think about the devastation that follows it. I will continue working for towards helping for as long there is no peace in the world.”

If you would like to find out a bit more about the organisation War Child, Visit their website, Like them on Facebook and Follow their thoughts on Twitter and look out for any upcoming events.

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