CBS’ New Star Trek Teaser Looks Awesome

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CBS released a teaser trailer for its new Star Trek series. The teaser was released on Youtube on May 18th 2016, and begins with an orbital view of Earth and the moon. It quickly moves past the earth and zooms through the heavens, in shots that are call backs to the old Star Trek series, flying by planets, suns and asteroids belts. 50second teaser ends with the Starfleet logo twisting into frame as it proclaims, new crews, new villains, new heroes and new worlds. All set an awesome orchestal track and ending with the infamous Star Trek thrill that sounds a lot like the beginning of the Star Trek Online theme, is that Kevin Manthei I hear?

I love this teaser. As a new viewer of Star Trek (I began with the JJ Abram film and I also play Star Trek Online), I can’t wait to see what it has to offer, the teaser really did its job of getting me excited about the new series. Unfortunately it won’t hit our TV scenes until January 2017, but I’m sure CBS will drop little bits up grains to keep us interested in between now and then. Check out Teaser below:


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