Burn2 – Burning Man in Second Life

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A while back we talked about Burning Man and the coming event Burn2. This weekend it is time to start the celebrations! On Saturday October 19 the sims will open and the organizers promises the closest thing you can get to Burning Man without physically being there.

To help you out at the festival, there are several “rangers”. A ranger is the ones that help the builders get settled at their plots, helping out with issues that might occur and settle disagreements as well as helping the guests to have the best time of their lives. Each of the 30 rangers has gone through between three and five weeks of training and many of them have been around for over five years. One such ranger is Gemma, who have been a ranger for 6 years. 

She started out by helping a friend who was a builder at the first Burn2 and since she is also a writer for SL Newser, she decided to check some of the parties out. It didn’t take long before she found herself helping out a lot more than just her friend. She started by being a greeter, standing around the entrance to events to greet people who came in, giving out directions and handing out gifts.

Every since I was young, i always read about the real burning man I enjoy seeing what goes on there, seeing the openness and the principles and I enjoy seeing it. I’m not the type to do that in real life, going out camping so I can’t go to it real life.

The events will go on for one week, but the sims will be open for an additional week for those who wishes to just go around and look at all the builds.

Everything at Burn2 is free, nobody will ever ask you for a single L$. The only money transferred is the money the builders spend on their builds. This is to keep in line with the third principle of Burning Man: Decommodification, which tells us that in order to reach a true giving nature, we must stay away from monetary interests and transactions.

Burn2 follows the 10 principles to the letter, to keep everything authentic.

If you wish to learn more about Burn2 or Burning Man, either visit the sims on Saturday or check out their official website.


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