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Burn 2’s Second Life 9 Birthday Events and Meeting Philip Linden

Burn 2’s Second Life 9 Birthday Events and Meeting Philip Linden
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As you know, today is Second Life’s (SL) 9th birthday! Many birthday celebrations have taken place and one interesting one, has been the events staged this week by Burn 2. Burn 2, which is based on the real life Burning Man event, was once a Linden Lab sponsored event.

SL’s creator and founder, Philip Linden, is an avid real life burner and is said to have gotten the early ideas to create SL, while attending the real life Burning Man. This week’s Burn 2 SL Birthday events have included a variety of performers and musical acts at the in world playa.

On Thursday, June 21, 2012 residents were treated to a rare interview with Phillip Linden himself! Phillip who has since changed his avatar and updated it with lesser spikey hair, spoke about Burning Man, Burn 2, and how much Second Life has changed since he first started it.

While Philip Linden did not offer any surprises about the direction of Second Life, he did indicate that he has looked at other virtual worlds, including Cloud Party and that every time he checks out a new virtual world, he feels “nostalgic” of when he first started Second Life.

The Burn 2 events will continue throughout the weekend and you can find more information on their official sites:


Burn2 Facebook Page

Burn2 Twitter Feed

Click to visit Burn2 in world

Check out the photos of the Philip Linden event at Burn 2:

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