Bumper Cars….. Hell Yeah

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 So there I was, at a loose end on  a summer’s day. Wondering what to do I headed down to the boardwalk to shoot the breeze and watch some people walk by (particularly the pretty ones). Sitting down with my espresso and paper I looked up and spied my favourite childhood pastime. All of a sudden my afternoon dilemma vanished and my day’s activities instantly filled.

Today Steam is wearing:
Dimitri hair – from Madesigns free from the FabFree Station  (loads of freebies, mostly for the girls)
June cystal eyes – gift from Sterling Artistry
Eclipse necklace – from <LOAQ>
Shirt – gift from [back&w]
Army camo pants – L$140 from Tiki Tattoo
Old Boots – Menstuff hunt gift from Dinos Boutique (I love these boots, they are so versatile)

The camo pants are a new favourite of mine, great fit, styling and textures… and only L$140, you got to love a bargain!

This picture was taken at the Artesea Amusement Park and edited as per normal, in GIMP. By the way, watch out for the landing at this sim, it’s very……….bouncy.

As always please do note the items featured were available at the time of writing at no cost or the cost indicated , but no warranty is given that they will continue to be so – that is totally at the discretion of the Store Owner/Designer.

Keep having fun.

Words: Steam Engineer
Photography: Steam Engineer

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