BubbleFish: Fishes, Bubbles and Fashion

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Bubblefish is a store surrounded by the blue virtual waters of SL  as well as surrounded by bubbles and fishes. Since 2005, BF has  created virtual clothes for kids, teens and women as well as men (on the Second Life Market place) with a price range of L$100- L$400.

BF also has a discount bin, with prices from L$ 30-L$ 40. It’s not a freebie, but its still a great price for newbies

Prices from L$30

who have come into some virtual cash. This collection has a nice conservative look as well as a very sexy look for women. It plays on the memories of childhood with its sexy Sesame Street swimwear collection. The Swimwear costs L$ 125 while the slippers costs $250, not exactly cheap but still sexy. There are also other Sesame Street themed outfits which can be found on its SL Market Place store.

Sexy Sesame Street Swimwear L$ 125

You can also get a gift card while you’re there with a worth  of L$ 100-L$ 2500

Store is small  and easy to navigate, with land marks and ability to join the group as soon as you land on its doorstep. You’ll be shopping to a mix of music, from rock to pop to little kiddies songs.

Newbie-Friendly: 6 out of 10

Clothes rating: 8 out of 10

Overall Experience (including music): 8 out of 10


Definitely worth checking out both in store and online:

Bubblefish Market Place

Inworld Store


Izzie Morgan

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