Browser Fun: Jumping Box Reincarnation by Eugene Kiev

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Game Type: JBR


The Story

The Player must help an orange box get to its orange platform by using their mouse.

How to play

Use your mouse to shoot the box to its chosen target, while avoiding obstacles such as blue breakable blocks, red breakable boxes (which was twice as hard to break), black breakable block, running out of jumps, giant orange boxes, a green box and a pale orange box (that if you touch means an instant game over).


A green box and a pale orange box both jump on their own but have different jumping speeds and routines.  If you touch the pale orange box it is an instant game over. There are other enemies later in the game, there are 42 levels to get through, I was able to get through 24 of them.

I can happily say that this game falls into the ‘ Like Angry Birds But..” category. It’s Like Angry Birds in the sense that the playing mechanics are the same, you use your mouse to move the box from side to side. You have a set amount of jumps to get the target to where it needs to be. (But) it doesn’t have the same premise as Angry Birds, your aim isn’t to destroy anything, the terrain around you is more of an obstacle. In fact the game punishes you for breaking the breakable blocks, for example, red breakable blocks don’t break on impact which can leave you bouncing off the side and falling to your death. The blue breakable blocks crumble with the slightest touch and if you land hard enough on a black breakable block it will break sending you falling through it.  It is just best to avoid them.

There are little extras in the form of + 3 and + 5 that adds on extra jumps. However they are usually in some ridiculous place and if your try to get them there is a chance that you won’t get to your objective.

Overall Jumping Reincarnation is a pretty cool game that will help you pass the time if you’re travelling. That’s enough from me, I’ll let you figure out the rest.

Jumping Box Reincarnation is available on and as well as the iPhone and iPad for $0.99 on iTunes. 

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