Brackles Releases New EP Entitled ‘Go’

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Rinse FM’s owns Brackles released his new EP called ‘Go’ on August 5th 2013. The DJ, who  has his own show on UK radio Station Rinse FM (106.8FM), is known for playing a wide variety of music such as dubstep, garage, and hip hop. This EP is his first since last year’s Rinse Present: Brackles LP.

According to a PR from Contact Music, it marks a subtle shift moving away from the polyphonic fireworks of his album tracks towards to more sleeker arrangements. While it is slowly moving away from his norm, the EP still has his own distinctive flavour which nods towards other genres such as garage, house and grime.

Brackles himself comments:

“I’ve been writing lots over the last year, and this EP has all kind of come through limitations. I’ve basically just been using three hardware synths to write the other three tracks, and trying to get away from melodic basslines and go with more simple, subby things, 808s. Its quite a functional EP compared to some of my album which is quite melodic and quite intricate rhythmically. This is more focused on the dancefloor.” .

Overtime is one of the three tracks in the EP and can be found on the RinseFM soundcloud. For more information on Brackles check out his facebook page and for info on Rinse FM check out their website.

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