Books From My Youth: An Introduction

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When I was younger I wasn’t really allowed to watch television, at least anything that wasn’t educational in my father’s eyes. I had to find another way of entertaining myself, funny enough my love for reading didn’t start with my dad’s no TV rule. It started when I was living with my Aunt. She would take me to the Library every Saturday and that is where my love for books began.

So when my dad’s no TV rule started I wasn’t bored out of my mind. At first I would read educational books (science and such) then moved onto other more child friendly books like, The Magic School Bus, Arthur, Goosebumps and Ghost Writer. As I got older I found myself moving towards Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I did try Romance but the first book made me cry so I vowed never to read them again.

I thought I would share my favourite and other books I read as I grew up. It won’t be every week but when we have no book news or reviews for a Friday’s slot I will use this as a filler.

I hope you enjoy my journey with books.

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