Books From My Youth Special: Bluford Series Retrospective First Five Part 1

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Phew, this is going to be a long one. This is also going to be Spoiler Heavy if  you don’t want the books to be ruined for you: STOP HERE! GO AND READ THE BOOKS THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!

Lost & Found by Anne Schraff

Lost and Found

16 year old, Darcy Wills is a student at Bluford High, a school in an inner city part of California. She always thought ofherself as an average student, who wasn’t popular. Her life begins to change when she is paired up with Tara Carson, a girl from her science class, who Darcy’s friend Brisanna thinks is trash.

At home things aren’t much better. Darcy’s mother works long hours as a nurse at the local hospital. Her grandmother is recovering from a stroke that has left her unable to remember who she is and those around her. Her younger sister’s behaviour has become more and more erratic, causing her to become distant from the rest of the family. Jamiee’s boyfriend Bobby Wallace appears to be the root of her problems.

While doing a report with Tara and her boyfriend Cooper Hodden, Darcy notices someone watching her. A man in a white car. At school she notices the car again, and finally outside her apartment building. Unnerved by this Darcy calls the police.

Who is this mystery man?

Her long lost father.

A Matter of Trust by Anne SchraffA Matter Of Trust

In this sequel to Lost & Found, ‘A Matter of Trust’ follows Darcy has she begins a relationship with her longtime crush Hakeem Randell. Things seem to be going well, until Darcy’s ex best friend Brisanna Meeks, begins to show interest in Hakeem in a more than friendly fashion.

Alongside this story, Darcy’s father  makes his way back into Darcy, Jamiee and her mother’s lives.

Darcy will have to learn that love means a matter of trust.

Secret in the Shadows by Anne Schraff  

Secrets in the Shadow

This story follows another Bluford student, Roylin Bailey, who appears in ‘A Matter of Trust’. Falling for Korie Archer, the new girl in school, Roylin finds himself in deep water after he steals money from his old friend to buy the ‘girl of his dreams’ a present. He soon finds himself so deep that he can’t breathe.

Someone To Love Me by Anne Schraff

Someone To Love Me

Cindy Gibson, a friend of Darcy and Roylin sisters, Jamiee Wills and Amber Lynn Bailey, is having a hard time at home. Her mother is preoccupied with her new boyfriend, not caring if Cindy goes to school  and will leave her to go on trips across the country.

Seeking companionship, Cindy soon finds herself in the arms of Bobby Wallace, Jamiee’s ex boyfriend who isn’t who he claims to be.

The Bully by Paul Langan

The Bully

Darrell Mercer is a new student to Bluford High, having moved from Philadelphia with his mother. Due to his Size he has always been a target for bullies, see Darrell is shorter, thinner and weaker than normal 16 year old boy.

On his first day in California, Darrell runs into Tyray Hobbs, who unfortunately now sees  him as fresh meat. Now Darrell has to deal with being in new city, a new school and a new bully.

To be Continued in Part 2.

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