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Book Review: The Treatment by Mo Hayder

Book Review: The Treatment by Mo Hayder
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The Treatment is the second book in the DI Jack Caffery series. Written in 2001, this book covered a very disturbing subject matter. The plot follows Caffery as he races to find an abducted child after the parents are found close to death in their home.

This book comes with a warning, it is not for everyone. This book touches on subjects that made me very uncomfortable and I was, at first, a little reluctant to continue reading it. That said, The Treatment is a very gripping story, it was well divided between the main plot and its subplots. Once again, takes the point of view of different characters, giving the book a nice balance. Given the subject matter, the main plot was written well, and handled carefully. This was shown through Hayder’s descriptive language, compared to Birdman in which she described everything. The language was a little less graphic than its processor. The main character, Jack Caffery, annoyed me a little bit in this book, especially when he does something unspeakable which makes my dislike for him deepen.

The Treatment was a good continuation to the Caffery series. It’s disturbing nature might not be for everyone but if you are interested in checking it out, it is available in your local book store, on Amazon and Audible.

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