Book Review: The Riyria Revelations by Michael J Sullivan.

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Finally, finally finished with this epic. It has been a very extensive fete finishing a 6 book trilogy in a month and a half, but it’s finished. Originally, I was not going to do a traditional review of the series, I thought that doing traditional review would spoil too much. I was going to do a top ten list titled ‘ Top Ten Reasons Why Riyria Revelations is Awesome’, but we have restricted our selves to a few top ten-lists each year, and I’m sure the other writers of The Torch EG wouldn’t be very happy about me using it up. That, and I decided against it because as I came to the climax of the 5th and 6th book, ‘Heir of Norvon’, I noticed that this book series could not be summed up in 10 bullet points, and while I will not write pages upon pages of a review nor will I analyse or nit pick at every possible point, it deserved a good honest and solid review. So here it goes:

The Riyria Revelations’ volumes, ‘ Theft of Swords’, ‘Rise of Empire’ and ‘Heir of Norvon’ are the most enjoyable, entertaining, well written, gripping, page turning, nail biting, annoying and most fun pieces of literature, I have ever had the fortune to read. The last time I was so invested in a story, with such well rounded characters and a plot that had you looking for the next book in the series, I was nine years old and began the Animorphs series by K.A. Applegate.

The series takes place in the fictional realm of Elan where there are three race of beings, Elves, Humans and Dwarves. It is also home to the greatest pair in Apeladorn (the name given to the four nations under the rule of humans), Riyria, founded by master thief Royce Melborn and Master swordsmen and fighter Hadrian Blackwater. They can steal anything you need, information, a rare object or book, all for the right price. After taking a rather simple job, they find themselves facing execution for the murder of the King of Melenger. Help comes in the form of an unlikely source, and their recuser states that she will help them to escape if they kidnap the Prince of Melenger. Reluctantly they accept and find themselves a part of a much bigger conspiracy.

A simple story but it keeps you going back for more, The Riyria Revelations has very well rounded and well written characters, the character development is very well done. Especially with annoying characters. Just like in my review of The Jester, there were characters I did not like to the point of loathing but, they developed and changed. Each character was instrumental to the story and there weren’t any strays. I love Sullivan’s writing style. He gives you amnesia, mentioning or just saying a blurb, dropping it in between the lines without anything else, then a few chapters later, he hits you with it once more. It gave me that awesome feeling of discovering or figuring out a small mystery with every chapter that passed by.

I have to recommend getting the audiobook if you can get your hands on it. Tim Gerrard Reynolds gives life to Sullivan’s characters, making them people you love to hate and hate to love. His female voices always made me chuckle. Through him you truly become invested in their stories and antics.

I highly recommend Riyria Revelations, a simple story with such layers and depth, and two of the most well-rounded, well written, well represent and well…just plain awesome main characters that you have ever seen. They are the reason I looked for the main books. They play off of each other amazingly.  They are light and dark, yin and yang, you do feel for them when they come across hardship and you cheer for them when they triumph. Personally I would say that they e the R2D2 and C3P0 of Elan. Thank goodness for Riyria Chronicles. I will never say this to Hollywood but a prequel to this series was needed.

If you can get your hands on a copy of Theft of Swords, Rise of Empire, or Heir of Norvon, please do and if you can, listen to the audiobook on Audible. It is well worth the subscription.


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