Book Review: The Princess & The Dragon

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Disclaimer: This review was requested by the author, nevertheless all opinions displayed below are my own.

The Princess & The Dragon is a children’s fairy tale fantasy book by author Mary Settle. It tells the story of a kingdom terrorized by a dragon and a young princess who takes it upon herself to slay it.

Told in the form of a rhyming couplet, ‘The Princess & The Dragon’ really reminded me of Cinderella, in fact there were a few beats that were similar to the classic fairy tale. There is a shoe, a Ball and a mysterious woman disappearing and the Prince hoping to find her. However, I don’t remember Cinderella driving off a dragon.

I enjoyed the message of this book, throughout the common people are really harsh to the Princess. You believe it’s just because she isn’t living up to the gender roles of the Kingdom. She drove off a Dragon. The knights aren’t really happy about that. I admit I found the interaction with the knights funny, and the discussion about gender roles was interesting and pretty heavy for a children’s book.

Overall, I enjoyed the simple story of a princess fighting off a dragon to protect her Kingdom. While I found that the story had similar elements to Cinderella, I liked where it went with it.

If you are interested in checking out ‘The Princess & The Dragon’ You can find it on Amazon. If you would like to read more from the author you can visit their website.

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