Book Review: The Man in the Black Suit – Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King.

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My name is Gary, I was nine years old when I met him. I was fishing, I did that to help take my mind off of things. He told me horrible things, dreadful things. I got away from him then, but I have gotten older, I fear he may come back and I will not be able to get away from him now, I may not be able to get away from the Man in the Black Suit.

Everything’s Eventual is a collection of 14 short stories by the horror mastermind that is Stephen King. The Man in the Black Suit, Originally published in The New Yorker in 1994, tells the story of  nine year old Gary, who meets a mysterious man while fishing. His encounter leaves him terrified, and it stays with him through out his life. His fear comes from the fact that he is getting older, and if the man returns, his old bones will not allow him to get away from the man a second time.

This is a chilling piece of work, will have you living by the rule, ‘ Don’t talk to strangers’. It is possibly one of King’s finest work and worth a read.

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