Book Review: The Dirty Girls Book Club by Savanna Fox

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” I apologize for being late I left my meeting a few blocks away and that’s when my heel snapped off” She hated to look unprofessional. – Georgia a few seconds after meeting Woody.

‘The Dirty Girls Book Club’  written by Savanna Fox tells the story of 25 year old widow Georgia Malone, a Marketing Executive who is a part of a book club. Her life is turned upside down when she meets Woody Hanrahan, a famous Canadian Hockey player who she has to work with for an ad campaign.

The Plot
Surrounding the life of Georgia, the plot is about her relationship with the hockey player and the growth of their relationship while she struggles with their first encounter and her past. It also focuses on Woody and his trials and tribulations surrounding his career, his mother and his manager.

The Characters
Georgia as a character is okay, she isn’t very likable but she isn’t unlikable either. In Chapter 1, you do sympathize with her as a widow.  Married at a young age,  her husband was taken from her and she has come to  accepts that her soul mate is gone. She states that she is comfortable with her life, going  as far as to proclaim her celibacy, something she has dealt with during her teens. That is likable Georgia, unlikable Georgia appears when she first meets Woody in Chapter 2.  It is shown that she is sexually attracted to Woody, something all women can relate to. However it does go a bit further than that. In Chapter 4 all her attributes, that we have come to love about her, completely disappears as the two  sleep together 5 minutes after  meeting. This portrays Georgia in a different and unflattering light in my eyes, saying that women just think they are strong but put a good looking muscly man in front of them and they will give into anything. Of course she quickly regrets this and getting to know Woody, she decides would like a relationship with him.

Woody as a character is what he is, a cocky sportsman who doesn’t take any crap  from anyone. His back story is touching. You can identify with his love for his mother, his quarrel with his manager and his reasons for doing the ad campaign. He is shown as a man who isn’t too fond of the limelight, that he is very private and isn’t  much of a public speaker. In his meeting with Georgia, because of her behaviour and the way she’s dressed, he assumes that she is  a lesbian. This is something he finds attractive. When they sleep together, he is lost in his own world, before he  shows concern for Georgia by asking if she reached her own climax.

The Book Club members, Marielle, Kim and Lily, appear at the beginning of the book, but sadly never appear again  only through emails.


Personally, I didn’t like ‘The Dirty Girls Book Club’,  Georgia doesn’t really interact with the club very much, nevertheless she does have some likable traits but that isn’t shown until the end of the book. Woody as a male lead has some depth to him but not very much.

The plot moves very quickly and it will make you stop several times to catch your breath. For what is it, an Erotic Romance novel, it does what it does. If Erotic Romance is your genre then its the book for you, if it isn’t I would give it a pass. You can find The Dirty Girls Book on Amazon US & UK and Penguin Publishing US & UK. It is available in Paperback and ebook form.

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