BLB Book Review: Storm Siren by Mary Weber

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Within the war-torn Kingdom of Faelen, it seems hope of surviving is becoming less and less every day._240_360_Book.1301.cover However, salvation comes to its people in the form of seventeen year old, Nymia, a slave with a curse that the people of Faelen purged themselves many years ago. Now, in a twist of irony it seems the curse may be the only thing that could save them from their fate, if both can be controlled.
Written by Mary Weber and published by Thomas Nelson, Storm Siren was an entertaining read with well-rounded characters. Nym was a great main character, you had to sympathize with her mental and physical struggles, not only being the last of her kind but having to come to terms with being the only person who can save this kingdom. Weber did an amazing job of showing Nym’s change throughout the book, from being afraid of her powers and those around her to showing glimpses of the powerful woman she could become. It was very well handled.
The main theme for this book is Redemption. Nym begins the book with the hope of being redeemed for the deaths that she caused with her curse. As the story unfolds she must also cope with the idea of becoming a weapon for a kingdom that not only treated her distastefully, but her kind and all others with abilities. She must choose between her dislike for death (and for causing death) and her ability to save all of Faelan.
Nymia is not the only character looking to be redeemed. The character of Eogan hopes to be redeemed for the evil deeds that he has performed in his youth and Faelen has is to be redeemed for the deeds its residents have done in its past, deeds that have left them defenseless in the war.
Written in first person, told from the point of view of Nym, Storm Siren is a decent descriptive piece, pulling the reader into the world by painting a picture of smells, sights and the sound of blood and war. I would love to look out for the rest of the series.
You can find Storm Siren on Amazon, Audible and your local book store.

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