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When I came across Big Daddy’s it was on a date with my lovely partner. We found that not only was it a great place to listen to 80s and 90s music, but the atmosphere and the people were  a joy to be around. So we, at the Torch SLG, would like to introduce all you newcomers to one of the Best Clubs in Second Life. Luckily the Torch got an exclusive interview with them. Enjoy:

How did Big Daddy’s come to be?

Big Daddy’s was formed in Nov ’09, 4 of us stood on an empty sim and took the step to attempt to make a place fun, exciting, drama-free for all our friends we called Family. We dreamt of something big. We had no idea how far it would go or where it would lead us but would never have guessed it be what it is today. We’re pretty proud, proud of many accomplishments that we’ve achieved today and we want to keep going.

What are the basic aims of Big Daddy’s?

The biggest aim is having a place many people in SL can call home, “Make Big Daddy’s your home, away from home” is one of our mottos. We are huge on NO DRAMA what so ever, whether it’s from regulars or anyone new, even staff…its known that it’s not welcomed and we’ll take all measures to make sure it stays out.

The other aims are that we provide fun times, great music, our PG environment and  most of all friendly people. We pride ourselves on making everyone feel like they’re part of our family by letting them know that they are important to us. Big Daddy’s isn’t about making money, it isn’t about ranks or chart numbers, I think we’ve proven what’s most important to us and  that’s the people that continue to come and visit us.

How does Big daddy’s Contribute to the newbie Population of SL?

In January 2011, Big Daddy’s took part in a SL Beta testing for launching a new way to welcome new players to SL, Big Daddy’s was picked by Linden Lab to be a teleport landing point for Clubs/Entertainment. During that testing, we welcomed quite a few new and potential SL gamers.

Our staff makes it a point to recognize new players, help them out the best they can by knowing them the basics they need to know about SL, like  showing them how to dance, how to animate, and answers any questions they may have. We get a lot of people feeling silly for asking “noob questions”, but we don’t make them feel like its silly at all. It’s what we’re there for. We keep landmarks on hand, we offer free stuff  and you can always find regulars helping out with things we find simple, like dressing. It’s amazing how willing people are to help those that are new to our game.

What opportunities do you have available for residents and new residents?

First and foremost, we offer our home, we welcome everyone with open arms whether they’re new, seasonal players or long time residents. We are always hiring for DJ’s & Hosts, they are carefully selected and we feel are the best around. Even if a person has never Hosted before, that’s ok, we take the time to teach them.

 What is the best thing about Big Daddy’s?

Big Daddy’s Staff & Family…all around. The music is pretty awesome too! Haha

 What kind of music do you play? Are you varied or are you just one type of genre?
Although our name is “Big Daddy’s 80’s Club”, we are a 70’s, 80’s & 90’s Rock & Classic Rock Club, with some Pop Rock, R&B, Metal & of course our favourites Hair Bands. Friday’s are different we have our “Friday’s 80’s & More”, we’ll play any year range, which is pretty popular with our club & guests.

What does the future hold for Big Daddy’s?

You know…If someone asked us that question a year and half ago we wouldn’t know the future would be what it is for us now. We just keep doing what we all love doing, hanging out, making new friends daily, playing and listening to great tunes in a PG and drama free surrounding. As long as we continue to keep all that, anything is possible in the future for Big Daddy’s. We just keep enjoying it everyday as much as we can.
And that, was our dream when we stood on that empty sim.

Big Daddy’s is more than just a club, we take part in many charities, in October we took part in what we called “Think Pink Thursday”, we collected donations for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the fight against Breast Cancer. Right now we’re doing the Walk For Life to Fight Cancer Foundation.

Big Daddy’s also does many “themed events”, Disco Theme, Beach Parties, Pirate Weekend, Arabian Nights, 80’s Theme Party, always a favorite is our Pajama Slumber Parties, we’ve also done Super Heros vs Villians & so on. We’re always looking for great ideas for great times. Big Daddy’s has recently gone Live, we now own our own private stream and can stream in world or out.

This truly brilliant place will also hold a spot in the Torch SLG, so if you’re interested in finding out more about Big Daddy’s  follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook

Article by: Izzie

Photos by: Morphman  (Photographers note: There was an easter event going on, the club has the same design, but diferent colors)

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