BFMY: THE WORST: Once by James Herbert

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It might be bland but it’s still miles better than that other book I don’t like.

Once, until recently, was the worse book I have ever read. Oh, that book was just taken over by a certain novel I might get to in due time. Once isn’t the newest story in the world. In fact, Once is very predictable. The villains are annoyingly predictable villains, the protagonist is bland and uninteresting and the story is just as predictable as its characters. But the story and the characters are not what I find annoying about Once.  It is pure and simply porn in a fantasy setting.

A bit of background:  I received my James Herbert collection when I was around 15 years old. My mom had it in her book collection and I wanted something to read so I opened it and began with Moon. Yeah, I don’t really remember Moon, however I do remember Once. while it isn’t work the worse book I’ve ever read it is in that list.

If you want to check it out just to cure your curiosity go ahead, Honestly better books within that genre have come along and have actually done want Once failed to do. Check out Karen Moning’s Fever Series for an example of that. Like I said in the No body True article, I love James Herbert’s work when he is good, he is very good but when he’s bad, he’s awful.


At least that is my opinion.

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