BFMY: The Best vs The Worst: Nobody True by James Herbert

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So we have come to up date.  There are tons of other book series that I haven’t touched on, but I would really rather get this  out of the way since it is going to open the flood gates that I won’t close for a while. Through out my childhood I have read series after series that I have liked and never really met anything that I didn’t really have a taste for. Those books didn’t come until adulthood; well not adulthood — more late teens.

James Herbert is a great writer, and sparked my interest in adult themed fiction, obviously paving the way for Karen Moning with her Fever Series and others. If you haven’t noticed from reading the ‘Books From My Youth’ Series (with the exception of Anita Blake, which was written by Chris Carlsson), my taste in books has evolved and shaped the type of books I like in my adult life. ‘Goosebumps’ led to ‘Grizzly Tales,’ ‘Bluford’ led to ‘Point Horror,’ ‘Remember Me’ led to ‘Nobody True,’ James Herbert led to Karen Moning; you get the drift.

Like I was saying, James Herbert is a great writer.  Well, he’s more of a mixed bag. See, when he’s good he is very good and can produce the likes of  ‘Nobody True’ and ‘Creed.’  When he is bad, he is very bad and produces the likes of ‘Once’ and ‘Moon.’  I don’t have the time nor patience to go through The Herbert Collection book by book.  I’m doing that with Bluford and it is taking very long, which is why I started doing five books at a time and an analysis, and I still haven’t finished it. No, I won’t be going through all of the books; I will just concentrate on the best and the worst: ‘Nobody True’ and ‘Once.’

Let’s start with, in my opinion, is the best book by James Herbert. ‘Nobody True’ is about James True who has outer body experiences which he can not control. One night, while having an OBE, True returns to find that he has been brutally murdered. The killer has now set his eyes on True’s family and it is up to True to catch this killer.   Unfortunately for him. he’s dead, so that is going to be an interesting task to undertake.

As I said in my ‘Remember Me’ article, the premise of these two books are very similar.  Shari Cooper is killed and finds that she is walking the earth as a ghost and must find out who killed her so she can have peace.  James True is not really dead but he isn’t alive either and he must find his killer. The only difference is that the stakes are higher for True; his killer is targeting his own family and True must find a way to stop the killer from striking again.

If I were going to put these two books side by side, I would say that ‘Remember Me’ is better. Its characters are well rounded and flushed out a little more than ‘Nobody True.’   Both books are told in first person, but it seems that James is the only person in that book to have a personality. The family we are meant to care about aren’t very likeable and unfortunately, there aren’t any sequels to flesh out the other characters like ‘Remember Me’ did. I did enjoy ‘Nobody True’ and I do think that is one of the best of Herbert’s Collection. I picked up and didn’t put it down. Though the repetition in ‘Nobody True’ was a bit cringe worthy at times, I enjoyed Herbert’s writing style. Over all it’s a pretty nice book and a solid read. It is, however, 600 pages long, so if you do pick it up you will be in it for a while.

That is the best of James Herbert, and then there’s the worst, the one I hate with all my heart: ‘Once.’

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