BFMY Special: Bluford Series Retrospective Part 3: Second Five.

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The Second Five are :

The Gun/Paycheck by Paul Langan

The Gun

A direct sequel to ‘The Bully’ is told from the point of view of bully Tyray Hobbs, taking place 3 days after the ending of the last book Tyray finds himself seeking revenge again the only person who ever stood up to him, Darrell Mercer. He seeks for a way to exact his revenge, all he needs is a gun.

Until We Meet Again by Anne Schraff

Until We Meet Again

The sequel to ‘A Matter of Trust’ it follows Darcy Wills as she discovers that her boyfriend Hakeem Randell is moving to Detroit. Dealing with the shock of Hakeem leaving, Darcy finds herself in the arms of another.

Blood is Thicker by Paul Langan & D.M. Blackwell 

Blood Is Thicker

A spin off sequel to ‘Until We Meet Again’ which follows Hakeem Randell as he moves to another city, after a clash with his cousin, Hakeem realizes that life in Detroit is not going to be easy.

Brothers in Arms by Paul Langan & Ben Alirez 

Brother in Arms

Martin Luna is a troubled kid who is haunted by the death of his eight year old brother. His mother, not wanting to lose another son, decides to move from their local area. Martin begins his time at Bluford High, but is unable to escape the life that he left behind.

Summer of Secrets by Paul Langan 

Summer of Secrets

Darcy Wills has a secret, something she can’t tell her friends or family. Little does she know those around her have secrets of their very own.

Continues in Part 4

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