BFMY: Remember Me By Christopher Pike

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After the Bluford Series (Yes, I will be getting back to that next month), I was in a different place, a different school and even a different country. I marked this time as my Pike/Rees years, when I became a huge fan of authors Christopher Pike and Celia Rees. While Celia had books that I found cool, like ‘Witch Child’ and ‘The Vanished,’ it was Christopher Pike’s story ‘Remember Me’ that made a long lasting impression on me. “Remember Me” was published in 1989.  It was a New York Times Best Seller and sparked two sequels, both of which I have read. While I enjoyed “Remember Me” and “Remember Me: The Return,” I wasn’t a huge fan of “Remember Me: The Last Story.” However, I do admit that ‘The Last Story’ was a fitting end to the series.

So, what is “Remember Me” about? Death, plain and simple. Yes, death was in Animorphs and Grizzly Tales and the Bluford Series, but they were told from the perceptive of the survivors.  They focused on how the death of a friend or loved one had an affect on the surviving characters.  “Remember Me” looks at death from the point of view of the person who died. Shari Cooper is a normal 18 year old, until the day she dies. She sets out to find the person that killed her. :Remember Me: The Return” is set around another character, Jean Rodriguez, who dies but you don’t follow her; you follow the person who takes over her body.  “Remember Me: The Last Story” follows Shari once more as she is given a second chance at life.  This time her life has meaning, but while following that meaning she stumbles onto a horrible secret.

I don’t want to spoil the books for you; it is better for you to go out and read them yourself and make up your own mind about them.  Christopher Pike is an awesome writer.  His look at death is something to be admired. The characters are all strong.  Shari is a strong female protagonist and is a good magnet keeping the books connected to each other.  Jean, is also a strong female protagonist that serves as a person we all can relate to. Peter as a male lead is also a well flushed out character.  His trials are interesting especially in the second book. My issues with the third book, the ‘Last Story,’ comes with its premise.  While I won’t tell you what that is, I will admit that it does make the world of “Remember Me” bigger.  Of course there would be a life after death, but it doesn’t really touch on that.  You would think it would go onto looking at the concept of heaven or hell or some kind of after life but instead it looks at the beginning of humanity and that is where the story lost me.

Nevertheless the “Remember Me” Series is very much worth a read. For a story that was aimed a teenagers the concept of what happens after you die is well handled. If I could define the books by a genre, “Remember Me” would be a solid murder mystery.  “Remember Me: The Return” is a solid drama and “Remember Me: The Last Story” is a fair but flawed Paranormal Science Fiction story.

The “Remember Me” series made me love stories that looked at what happened to you after you die.  It lead me to James Herbert and his book “Nobody True,” which had a similar premise but a key difference and I’ll talk about it when I get to that book.  But, for now, look for the “Remember Me” Series on Amazon or in your local book store.  It is totally worth it.

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