Bedrock Rocks!

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When you ask most people. What cartoon you remember from when you were little?
A lot of people will say: The Flintstones. YABADABADOO!
The place I want to tell you about will give you the feeling of that cartoon. Let’s head over to Bedrock!

Bedrock can be fun for everybody. Although your first impression of Bedrock is the Flintstones, it has offer much more. But… you have to search for it.
Bedrock has many worlds inside this sim.

A good way to know how to find the other worlds inside Bedrock, is to walk everywhere, try to touch everything and especially….investigate every wall. In this article I give you a few clues. If you can find them, you can find other secrets too…

When you enter the sim, you see the Bedrock Drive-in movie theatre. You can take a car and explore the sim or can take a tour with the space ship. It supports 7 languages, there’s a chance you can get a tour in your own language!

You’re welcomed with Fred and if you like you can take a picture as Fred or Wilma. Take the giant Bronto Rib, you recognise from the intro tune of the real life series.

If you like games, this is also the place to be. You can play bowling or golf and you can battle your friends with robots. For the last game you need a Pterodactyl taxi cab to fly.

On the other side of the movie theatre you find a few houses. They have very cute tools to do the daily tasks. For example the elephant tap. Maybe you’ll meet Fred or Barney.

The textures in the sim are nice and some are really funny. Tigey Honey, the creator of the sim made them with Gimp. A free but good quality image manipulation program.

When you walk further you see a nice ballroom with many dances. Also look to the nice floor. Is there something under it?

Tigey Honey: Most of Bedrock is hollow

The path brings you further to the quarry. Don’t forget to explore here. There’s more here to see then you probably expect at first sight. If you’re tired, relax a bit on the dinosaur.
In the distance is a nice Ferris Wheel. One of the first projects of Tigey Honey.

When you walk further, you will enter a golf course. This is good for some hours of entertainment….if you play as bad as I do…
If you prefer relaxing, you can fish here also!
And remember, don’t forget to explore everything.

Tigey Honey: The thing about Bedrock, is the fact that what you’re walking through, that’s how I view Bedrock in my mind, and there aren’t many ways to allow that, except in SL.

A little further you can visit the fire station and the jail. In the jail you better can’t be locked up, unless you’re a bit naughty. In that case explore further. For all other people, just walking in the jail won’t confront you with anything you don’t want to see.
Don’t forget to visit the lodge too or play a game of Bowling.

When you cross the bridge you find on your right sight the graveyard. If you prefer a more happy place walk back and relax in Bedrock’s Spa.
If you can handle the cold, go to the airport and find the hidden entrance…

At first sight Bedrock is completely inspired by the Flintstones, but if you have found the secret places, like the maze, you’ll discover Bedrock is more than that. Tigey made a full entertaining sim.

Bedrock already exists over 4 years and still is growing bit by bit. Tigey has some more plans with Bedrock.
There are a few ways to support the sim. Of course you can tip Tigey. There are a few donation spots. An other way is to buy something you see. The prices are very cheap! Almost freebies…

The source of the success of Bedrock is very clear. Tigey advised people who want their own sim:
Just to do something you like.
I try and keep it simple.

Bedrock is a grown up sim where you recognise some feelings from your youth and where you can entertain yourselve on many different ways. For people who want to be in the mood there’s a little boutique where you can buy complete avatars and clothing. All for an acceptable price. And this supports the sim too.

Tigey Honey, the creator, is a very helpful and inspiring person.
I have a couple buildings I have yet to install, and would like to do more here for the newbies.
The only true value of Bedrock, is the pleasure that it gives its visitors

And if that isn’t enough. If you’re inspired and want to build your own Bedrock house. Bedrock offers a place where you can build. But please follow the rules. Watch the primlimits and clean when you’re finished.

Bedrock is a very friendly place for all kind of people. You’re welcome the way you are, furry, vampire, mermaid etc. But please accept the rules if you’re not sure if it’s allowed, then don’t do it.

Find back your inner child and head over to Bedrock!

Finally I’d like to thank Tigey Honey for the amazing work he does in Second Life. Although everything he does, he does for fun. He’s one of the people that makes Second Life the way I love it. Share your art and have fun!

Hugs Justum

Article and photos by: Justum

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