Beating The Lag Monster – Teleporting

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Google “Second Life Lag” and you will find any number of hits describing various ways of reducing lag and improving your second life experience. The second life wiki can give you a quick run down on what it actually is and a few ways to help combat it – however one area that very few residents actually know about, both experienced residents and new arrivals alike, is how important it is to properly manage your inventory and to pack away into boxes items you are no longer using so you can’t teleport quickly. Personally, I have over 9000 inventory items of which around 40% are boxed, now if I hadn’t re-boxed items I wasn’t using I’d have almost triple that many items sitting in my inventory. I spend a little time every day sorting through my inventory items unpacking, repacking and organising.

So what I hear you ask, well follows is an excerpt taken from a notecard written by inworld resident Brian Engel that explains it better than I ever could:

The design of SL is such that your inventory impacts the speed of your teleports and region border crossings in vehicles, walking, or flying.  Your “unlimited” inventory is maintained on asset servers.  When you leave one region and travel to another the asset servers have to move not only you but your entire inventory to the new region.  You have noticed at logon the rather slow sequence of events that culminates with the loading of your clothes.  This is the asset server moving all the necessary components of your AV from disk storage into the memory of the region you are logging onto.  A smaller series of events is associated with the Teleport process but it can be a significant amount of time depending on general arrival region activity, asset server traffic, the number of attachments (hair can actually be a hundred or more separate pieces) you are currently wearing and the number of items in your inventory.

 Think of your inventory as a long freight train of goods that is attached to your AV (the locomotive).  The more things the asset servers have to associate with your destination region, the more time it takes to get there.  The simple inventory storage box helps reduce arrival lag in a very substantial way and it is a step in the right direction for getting your inventory organized.

Of course this does raise the question of how you get the boxes in the first place, well its pretty easy, you build them – this is pretty neat guide with loads of links to other resources that will get you started. Here’s my quick tutorial as well, shows both building a prim box and them packing away inventory items:

Good luck and happy teleporting.

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