Avilion Castle Ballroom – Wonderful Evenings

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If you want your date to feel like a princess or a prince bring them to Avilion Grove Castle Grand Ballroom.  Though laggy the ball room harkens back to a time of lords and ladies and kings and queens.  Formal attire is required in the ballroom.  That means tea length dress or longer for women, suit/tux/formal medieval attire for men.  You may get a free tux and/or ball gown by using a teleporter near the  entrance  that will take you to a small store.

To enter the castle and the ballroom within, walk up the steps.  At their top you will see the dance floor below.  To make your grand entrance go right or left to the red carpeted stairs leading down to the dance floor.  There are several dance balls throughout the dance floor but all may be in use at times.  If so you can wait and pounce on one that someone leaves.  There are balconies on either side of the main ballroom, each with a couples dance.  You may choose to wander around the grounds fo awhile.  There is much to see and do in this very romantic sim.

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