Autism Awareness Hunt

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Autism! Most of you readers have been in contact with an autistic person, but few of you knows what it really is. Sky Amaranth knows first hand what it is and how to deal with an autistic person, as her 13 year old brother has Aspergers, one of the many varieties of autism. She didn’t like how many people treat persons with autism, and came to the conclusion that not enough people knows what it is, therefore she started the Autism Awareness Hunt.

Sky came to the office after a day full of interviews, a bit shy at first, but soon she warmed up to both me and Izzie and answered all our

Sky Amaranth, the creator of the Autism Awareness Hunt

questions with pride and happiness in her heart.

“I like to design clothing, I do photography, I’ve had a store for a while. I’m always thinking of new ideas.”, Sky said when asked about the hunt.”My idea came from charities I have seen all over SL, but the biggest inspiration was my brother.” Sky started the hunt right after the Mothers Day Hunt, wich was the first hunt she had put together. That hunt had some issues, but so far, the Autism Awareness Hunt has gone smoothly.

“I want to put the word about autism and how it affects not only those who have it, but those around that person. It’s not a disease that you can catch, or a deadly illness.”, she continiued. “I cannot stress this enough, people with autism does NOT use their illness as a cuthc, they simply cannot control what goes through their mind.”

There has been many participants in the hunt, and it is still in it’s early stage. There aren’t many venues, but still the traffic has been very high and Sky and the others involved hopes that the word about autism will spread from those who participate.

She has her own store, True21, with high quality fashion for a low price, and she has a special line of clothes made for this hunt where the money, along with money from an auction she held, will go to research about autism. She spends a lot of time and money on the clothes, but sells it for a cheap price. “I don’t mind, I’m not in it for the money”, she said. Most of her creations have been entirely her own brainchilds, but one line, the Love Pink series, has been inspired by her favourite RL store, Victorias Secret.

I asked her if she wanted to give the readers a final word, and this was her reply: ” PLEASE do not treat children and adults with Autism like they are an outsider, they are people just like you and I. Like I said before I can’t stress it enough; Treat them as you would like to be treated!”

We will post updates about the hunt, as well as reviews about some of the stores and items from the Autism Awareness Hunt in the weeks to come.

If you want more information about autism, or if you want to share your experiences, check out the official Autism Awareness website.

Here is a link to the starting point of the Autism Awareness Hunt: True21 (edit: The sim has since been removed)

Here is the link to their BLOG

Article by: Morphman

3 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Hunt

  1. Sky is my RL daughter and is truly a wonderful woman. I am very proud of the woman that she has become, and the fact that she takes her little brother’s downfall so seriously. She see’s and hears, on a daily basis, the belittling and torment her brother endures as a result of being Autistic. Unfortunately we live in a terrible neighborhood full of selfish and ignorant people that just don’t understand the fact that he’s so much different than they are. Due to RL circumstances, I was unable to participate in the hunt, but give my full support and help to Sky as she needs it. I hope that everyone becomes more educated about Autism and are able to see just how these people are alot like you and I, just in their own little worlds with no way out.

  2. I love it guys, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to meet with you and do the interview.

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