Audio Nation Pit Stop: Laura Wilde Interview

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Audio Nation Pit Stop is a little late this month, this is an interview by Audio Nation’s Shamas with singer song writer Laura Wilde. 

Transcribed by BInky Yutz 

ANRPIT Interview

Shamas: Hey everybody, Shamas Maximus, I am live on Audio Nation Radio Studios, with the one and only Laura Wilde. She’s joining us for a….we call it Eight with the Great Laura Wilde. And here she is; Thanks for being with us on Audio Nation It means the world to us and we’re big fans, how are you, dear??

Laura: I’m very well, thank you so much for having me. It’s such a pleasure to be chatting with you.

Shamas: The pleasure is all mine. So you’re just back off tour with Ted Nugent, and he’s been around a long time, so what was that like for you?

Laura: Oh, it was such an amazing experience. I mean, we got to travel across the whole country, and play shows every night, which was like a dream. And we made so many new friends and, I mean, Ted was such a great artist to learn from: everything from his showmanship, performance, and playing ability, was just flawless and energetic.

Shamas: That’s nice, yeah, he’s a wild man, he’s known for his antics. I’ve heard a couple stories myself, and I’m sure you got a few while you were on the road!

Laura: Oh definitely, well they don’t call him the Motor City Madman for nothing.

Shamas: And there you go, there you go. I also read some reviews from the southeast; I lived in the southeast for like seventeen years, and Ted is huge down there, and from what I read, and a lot of the ones that I read, the commentary was honest and reflected a deep respect for your talent and your rock and roll persona, specifically. What was your reaction to that, or had you heard it before now?

Laura: Well, that’s actually the first time, I’ve heard that, and I’m really so honored and humbled, and it was so rewarding to read the positive reviews, and know that the crowd enjoyed the shows, as much as I enjoyed playing them. Cause it really means the world to me, and that’s what it’s all about.

Shamas: For people that don’t know, you did everything on your CD; you recorded the bass, the drums, and the guitar, all of them. Was there an instrument that you enjoyed playing when you made the album, that you, you know, you enjoyed more than you thought you would, and are you self taught or are you schooled?

Laura: Umm…yes I’m actually a self taught musician. Ah…when I was about 12, and got my first guitar. I was supposed to have guitar lessons at school, but the teacher was always on tour, and would forget to tell me. So I just stood in the little music room and learned songs by ear, off the radio. And I mean, being self taught can be great because you get to learn at your own pace, but you have to make sure you don’t get lazy and fall into a playing rut, where you don’t stretch yourself.

Shamas: That sounds like sound advice. The same could be said for a, for a lot of professions. You guys know who you are…. just sayin’…just sayin’…We do represent part of a virtual community, and I’m sure there’s some people out there, would like to know; Are you a video gamer? and if so, what’s your medium, you know X Box, PS3, Cell Phone, PC, Tablet, and a, if so, what’s your favorite game at the moment?

Laura: Well my all time favorite consoles would have to be the Nintendo NES N64. Actually whenever I go back to Australia to visit my family, I usually stick around with my little cousins, and play my old Nintendo 64, which I handed down to them. And yeah, I’m basically crazy about anything to do with Super Mario. And yeah I’ve got a bunch of….(Shamas: Nice) yeah….I’ve got a Super Mario background on this computer, actually….

Shamas: Nice

Laura: But um….yeah I’ve got a bunch of different emulators on this computer as well, so I can play everything from, you know, Super Mario 3 NES, to Super Mario Land on Game Boy, yeah everything…everything you could possibly think of.

Shamas: So you heard it first here people, Audio Nation, Miss Laura Wilde is a Nintendo girl…

Laura: Yeah, Nintendo freak….

Shamas: I bet you, have you tried guitar hero?, speaking of video games!

Laura: Ah….yes….and surprisingly, I’m probably the worst person in the world at guitar hero.

Shamas: You know… I wouldn’t… that’s not a bad thing though….cause I keep tryin’…..ever since guitar hero came out, I’m not a fan by the way. Ever since it came out, you know, you got all these kids struttin’ around, and I’m like that’s not really playin’ the guitar, that’s….you know, just because… you’re not a rock star just because you can play guitar hero, just in case you were wondering…

Laura: Yeah, I mean, there are 5 year old kids that, you know, seriously walloped me at that game….which is just….I’m like “Come On”….

Shamas: Nice…so there you have it people, once again, I would like to point out that Miss Laura Wilde has just proven me right, again, just sayin’ , so a….

Laura: Yeah, if anyone wants to feel good about themselves, they should play me in guitar hero.

Shamas: Oh, are you a fan of Slash, by the way, I have to ask that just for my fans, because they know I’m a self proclaimed prophet for Slash, too.

Laura: Oh yeah totally, I’m a huge Slash fan and he’s one of my main guitar influences.

Shamas: Oh nice, cause that leads into our next question…you know…who is your first musical love, and have you had a chance to meet them, or are they still living?

Laura: Well my first musical love from when I was actually three years old, was Lenny Kravitz, and I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to meet him just yet, but hopefully I will, someday soon.

Shamas: Nice….that is awesome.

Laura: Yeah he was very cool…. you know he had the crazy dreads, and the flying V pointy guitar, and when you’re a little kid, all that stuff is just like wow…

Shamas: Nice…did you hear how his drummer got her job? The original one with the big afro..

Laura: Oh yeah, she was the one that I saw in the video clip as well, it was the “Are You Gonna Go My Way”, that was the first time I saw her.

Shamas: Right, right, she ah….she got her job…she interviewed for her job with Lenny over the phone. He called her and said “You got a kit there?” and she was like “Yeah” and he was like “Put the phone down and play something”…and she got the job..

Laura: Oh….I haven’t heard that one…but I heard that they, she was the first person out of about two thousand people to audition, for the drum position, and they just knew she was gonna get the job, and the rest of it was like, well it’s just going through the motions cause these people made the effort to come down…but we already know who we’ve got.

Shamas: Oh wow, OK, see I hadn’t heard that one…I guess, I need to…we need to fact check that…Note to self….fact check..

Laura: Yeah if I ever meet him, I’ll ask him…I’ll ask him and let you know.

Shamas: Yeah, yeah, that would be awesome…that’d be awesome…so a… so Lenny Kravitz really, that’s pretty cool and surprising, cause he is a really good guitar player, and a lot of people don’t get it, they think it’s more about his style, his personality and his voice, but I think he’s a really good guitar player.

Laura: Yeah, I mean, he’s definitely…he’s got…he’s the whole package really…and he’s got great songs and I’ve always been a huge fan.

Shamas: Awesome, awesome, now what’s next on your radar? I mean has touring inspired or shaped how you think about what you want for your next album?

Laura: Yeah touring’s definitely had a strong impact on how the next album’s shaping up…it’s, it’s made me…I really want to do it, as close to the live show as possible now…cause touring’s made me see how important it is to capture the raw energy from the live show on the recordings..

Shamas: Nice, nice so a, the band gonna join you in the studio then, for the next one?

Laura: Yeah I reckon, we’ll, you know, get the band in, mic it up, and just go absolutely nuts, and get it all on the analog tape.

Shamas: Nice

Laura: Kick it old school

Shamas: Well you know, I had to buy that Foo Fighters album with the old analog tape piece’s in them, cause it was recorded in Dave’s garage,

Laura: I just saw that sound CD documentary, a couple of weeks ago, and I saw how “Nevermind” was made, and all those great… Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty and those classic albums were made…and I was like “Oh My God”, I’ve got to get into this…so yeah, I’m really curious to try something different and really excited as well.

Shamas: That’s very cool…and of course you know, we can’t wait for the next album…but certainly, if you guys get a chance…we will be posting Ms. Wilde’s tour dates as soon as she gets them, and we get them, you will know…Audio Nation…that’s what were here for, that’s what were here for…

Laura: Yep…well, I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

Shamas: Well, I ah…again, you know, I told you before and I’m gonna say it again…I am very appreciative of you hangin’ out with me, and ah…you know, I love to break the typical stereotypes, and obviously you’re very intelligent and talented…but we do note that you did make “Revolver’s” Top 25 Hottest Females in Hard Rock” list…what are your thoughts on making the list and where were you when you heard about it?

Laura: Well I was actually in Westbury, New York, when I heard about it…and I honestly couldn’t believe it, especially when I heard about the other girls that were on the list, like Amy Lee…and you know all these amazing…Lizzie Hale and all these amazing, talented girls, so I was like “Oh My God” I can’t believe I’m in there…so it was just so surreal picking up that issue at the newsstand and seeing myself in it…I nearly practically hit the roof with excitement..

Shamas: Nice, it’s probably like how I was whenever I got the…the other day when I got…Oh, you know…Ms Laura Wilde has time to speak with you, I was like “Yes, yes”….

Laura: I fumbled and bumbled around with the software…I’m glad I got it working right.

Shamas: Yes, well you did a good job…your welcome to pop in unannounced anytime you want in any of my shows; you’re more than welcome to come hang out.

Laura: Oh, well, thank you I’ll have to pop in and say Hello…

Shamas: Absolutely, absolutely….so right now you’re just hangin’ in California and planning any shows there soon?

Laura: Ah…well we just played, we played The Dean Guitars NAMM Jam, when was it?…in January, and then we played the Whiskey A Go Go, last month

Shamas: You got to play, you got to play the Whiskey…I mean, if you get a chance to play it, it’s one of those things, you got to play the Whiskey.

Laura: And those shows garnered a lot of new industry interest…so were just, we’re in a new developmental phase right now, so, yeah, I can’t really talk about it that much…but I’ll let you know all the developments when they are all fully defined

Shamas: No worries….no worries…that’s awesome…

Laura: You’re talking like an Australian….

Shamas: Did you say you want me to talk like an Australian?

Laura: No…didn’t you say “No Worries”…

Shamas: No worries…yeah

Laura: No worries…that sounds very Australian

Shamas: Oh…No Worries…sorry about that…

Laura: Makes me feel like I’m at home…

Shamas: Oh…welcome home then Luv…no actually I’m known for butchering Australian and British accents, actually people on Audio Nation get to hear me do it on a regular basis, so….

Laura: Well I’m gonna tune in next time you’re having one of your little Australian accent rants, and yeah, I’ll be the judge of that.

Shamas: Awesome…good…I’ll look forward to that criticism or praise.

Laura: I’ve heard some really terrible ones, so I’m sure that you couldn’t be that bad.

Shamas: Well you guys can check out Ms Laura Wilde, ww.LauraWilde W I L D E……and find out all about her, you can go to Audio Nation’s facebook page and find that we have liked her facebook page, if you wanna check it out… and, of course, she’s a… are you into Twitter, cause it seems to be the new thing?

Laura: Yes, I have a Twitter account; it’s a…

Shamas: There you go, so follow her, and a, @ANationRadio, is following her, and you should follow us too… Thank you again for stopping by, Miss Laura, we do appreciate it greatly.

Laura: Thank you so much for having me and it’s been such a pleasure chatting with you, again.

Shamas: Absolutely…anytime, you are always welcome.

Laura: Thank You, I’ll have to stop by again soon.

Shamas: Absolutely.

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