Around the World – Second Norway

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Around the World – Second Norway

Welcome to the Around the World series! This series will profile a different real life city that exists in Second Life each week! Our first Around the World article is on Second Norway.

Norway makes for a very interesting real life destination and the same can be said of the Second Life version of Norway. Second Norway, which is owned and operated by avatars Ey Ren and Mialinn Telling.

Second Norway was created in 2008 in Second Life, by a group of RL Norwegians who lived near each other in Second Life. The main idea was to build a community and meeting place in Second Life for Norwegians. Ey discovered this community and was asked to become a co-owner.

While the main emphasis is on the culture of Norway, many other avatars of other nationalities are involved in Second Norway and visitors of all walks of life are welcome. Recently Second Norway has entered a new phase and has become part of the United Sailing Sims, which is located near the Blake Sea area in Second Life. One of the reasons for this move is sailing and I was able to enjoy a sailing tour around the sims, with Ey as skipper:

As we cruised along Ey pointed out many replicas of real life Norway landmarks that are located in Second Norway. Some of this places include:

A part of Hansabryggen or Bryggen in Bergen, Norway:

A small-scale mesh replica of the whole RL area on exhibit at the Norway National Museum:

 A part of Aker Brygge in Oslo, Norway Art exhibition of Munch paintings:

A replica of the Il Tempo Gigante racing car from the treasured and popular Norwegian 1960s animated movie Pinchcliffe Grand Prix – on exhibit in our National Museum:

 A replica of the Lindesnes lighthouse, south point of Norway:

Besides great landmarks, Second Norway also boasts many activities! One can sit and enjoy the scenery by sitting at one of the many benches or seats that are on the public countryside land or venture down to the downtown area, Sentrum, where you can chat with residents and other guests. The Sentrum area also boasts 7 Seas Fishing.

If you are looking into a more party scene, then check out Gennis Music Bar which features a daily DJ and which holds live concerts around three times a month. Sund Stage is a music/dance room which also boasts a live dj several times a week. If you are looking for a romantic venue then check out the Bella Bistro, which is a great place to hold a Second Life romantic date. If you speak Esperanto and are looking to connect with other Esperanto speakers, then visit the Esperanto Lando.

So how does one become part of this great and realistic community? One way is by joining the Second Norway group, which is open to anyone. You can join the group in world.

You may love Second Norway so much that you wish to become a tenant! Second Norway offers both prebuilt homes for rentals as well as the leasing of land parcels, from small parcels up to full regions. Available rentals are on display at the rental office.

Ey and I also spoke of the future of Second Norway and mentioned that both an automatic boat tour of the Second Norway sims is in the works and that the community is in the process of establishing a dedicated location for newcomers which should lauch in mid-July 2012. This new location will be located on the Second Norway sim.

You can also catch Second Norway on the web, by visiting their official website:

Second Norway official Website

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