Around the World: Old NYC

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On this edition of Around the World, we have a treat for all of you Big Apple fans out there! This week we explore the Old NYC Sim.


Old NYC was started in 2008. The previous sim owner, spent an entire year to build the sim, which included the Brooklyn Bridge, which currently spans two sims. In 2009 the original sim was sold to the current sim owners, Rickie Jameson and Delilah Buscaylet, who added the Staten Island sim, rebuilt the sim, and expanded the Brooklyn Bridge to span over both sims. The sims are not based on roleplay but more of a residential feel for people to enjoy their own slice of New York in Second Life.

The Old NYC Sim is very popular and has been used in various Second Life fashion shoots and is often photographed by New York enthusiasts. The location is a Second Life Destination and has been featured in Editor Picks by Linden labs.

If you venture to the sims, you can find real life replicas of many New York landmarks. These include the Chelsea Apartments:

The Brooklyn Bridge:


And a 320 m high apartment structure that has shades of the Empire State Building:

If you are looking to party New York style, then check out the industrial themed Alternative Music Radio Club, which boasts a variety of music. In the winter, Old NYC normally adds other venues for you to party in.


The sims are newbie friendly and offer apartments for the low cost of 150L per week and up to 1500Ls per week for a spacious top floor loft with rooftop access and views of the sims. If you are interested in becoming a tenant or would like a personal showing of the sims, please contact fiaMcCallen Resident or Delilah Buscaylet for more information.


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