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In this week’s Around the World article, we will look at New London Village. New London Village started back in 2008 with a far greater focus on the British sci-fi television show “Doctor Who”. Over the years, the sim has evolved and grown into a greater celebration of England and specifically, the city of London! New London Village is owned and operated by Kat Kassner and Laredo Lowtide.

New London Village is a great find for people who are seeking a bit of Dr. Who and a London experience!  The sim seeks to blend the close ties of London and the Dr. Who communities together. Community is very much the theme in New London Village, one can join the in world New London Village and see members discussing the sim and real life topics.

When one teleports to New London Village, he or she will notice many replicas of real life London landmarks, including  The Square (Based on Trafalgar Square ), Big Ben, the Tower of London, London Tower Bridge, BT Tower, and The Tate.

If you are looking for two great places to party in Second Life, then try the Big Ben Club, which is the sim’s main nightclub and features a party every Saturday and hosts the sim’s special events. You can also hang in the very English Travellers Rest Pub, which has Wednesday Quiz nights and features a club upstairs that also has events. If you are a fisherman, then try the 7 Seas fishing in the River Thames, which features packed Sunday events and the En Garde gaming area. Soon free En Garde tournaments will be starting up in the sim for interested participants.

 Dr. Who fans can check out radio events on Mondays and Tuesdays, in the Radio Theater. These events are Dr Who based and is operated by Hoipoloi Gurbux and Ebak Naglo.  If you are looking for a Tardis or other Dr. Who memorabilia then check out the sim’s very own New London Systems.  The sim also features a variety of special events throughout the year, such as the New London Festival in August which is based on the real life Glastonbury event. The New London Festival features three days of live acts DJs, stage performances, prizes, and exhibits. There are also large and fun events for Halloween, Guy Fawkes Day, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

If you are new to Second Life, you can find help in the form of the sim owner’s themselves, who often answer questions and will point new residents in the right direction. The sim has a Freebie Factory shop which features  loads of material for new visitors including gestures, AOs, clothes, HUDs and vehicles.

The sim also boasts very affordable  apartments. One can rent a 40 prim apartment for the low amount of 180 lindens every two weeks!  The goal of the apartments is to keep the community atmosphere in the sim, something which is very important to both Kat and Laredo. You can stay up to date with news and events in New London Village, by joining the New London Village group in world. Join the sim’s Dr. Who Zone: UK Chat group if you wish to talk about Dr. Who and meet other Dr. Who fans in Second Life.  For all things English, join the England in Second Life group, where you can network with other people who love English related items in and out of Second Life.

You can also follow New London Village on the web! You can find information about their events on their official blog.  Visit the Dr. Who Zone blog for information that relate to the sim’s Dr. Who activities. If you love to tweet, then check out New London Village’s twitter page.

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