Around The Square Table: InWorldz RFL

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inworlds committeee
The members of InWorldz RFL Committee

Today members are inWorldz sat around the square table to discuss the upcoming Relay For Life Season. This is the second year for this virtual world’s involvement in Relay For Life, the fund-raising event for the American Cancer society,. New additions to Relay For Life IW for year is a new committee chair in the way of Jessii Warhol, a virtual world business woman and the owner of Second Life’s Tribute City.

Convio  for this year in inWorldz has yet to be comfirmed, due to the person who handles the Convio for Second Life not having the time to work on the inWorldz aspect of the Convio.

Important Dates

August 24th for the Inworldz Kick off.

September 28th Half Way There Faire

Nov 2nd Closing Ceremony 12 to 12. 

Bain Finch Area Chair comments, “ A lot has to be done before the beginning of our Relay Season,

Aroundthetable once sponsorship and the team website is set up and getting out info in the welcome areas and to get shops and mall owners to display the info we will start promotion. Team Registration should be done by July a month before kick off.”

Among others things inWorldz spoke about the theme for their kick off event, setting some what on the theme of world but it has yet to be confirmed.

The conversation quickly turned to entertainment. RFL of IW Broadcast owner Red Ryder, shared his idea of having a live performer. When asked why a live performer would b e more appeal than DJs, Hair Thor, a member the committee and owner of Paradise a sim that is hosting RFL inWorldz, comments, “ There is just something more appealing to Live performers, they have a following and at events such as the RFL Live performers are more likely to be well received. “

“ Last year there were a lot of teams that have kiosks but didn’t really do a lot in the way of RFL, there were two of three teams that did a lot more than expected” said Finch to the question of teams. Jillian Quintessa quickly added, “ As team chair I hope to beat the bushes to get more teams this year.”

Sponsorship For RFL

Entry level 50USD

Middle level 100USD

Premium level 150USD

To keep up to date with Relay for Life of InWorldz don’t forget to check out their blog 

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